2021 Availability for Swansea Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle - Weddings in Wales at Craig y Nos Castle

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2021 Availability for Swansea Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle

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Wedding Availability 2021

❤️ LARGE WEDDINGS should be OK FROM 21ST JUNE 2021 ❤️

03/04/2021: Repeated Lockdowns, followed by ever changing limits on who can meet, how many can attend a wedding, with or without rules on social distancing, travel restrictions on your guests getting into Wales from England (never mind from abroad), and numerous rules on what you can do at a wedding (one dance only or a proper party) made a large wedding event and 'party' not possible under current ever changing guidance.

Boris's Road Map gives weddings some hope, but not until June 21st. See Coronavirus Page for updated information following Boris Johnsons' Road Map for a return to normality post COVID. Vaccine supply delays and Variants may cause 'social distancing' restrictions to continue longer, permitting only smaller weddings in July and August.

New Lockdowns could yet disappoint us all, while restrictions on guest numbers permitted to attend weddings could last beyond 21st June (and Wales may have slightly different rules). The Vaccine rollout offers hope things will return to normal but there's a risk that faster spreading virus variants may yet delay a return to normality.

We advise all weddings up to 20th June 2021 to postpone to new dates now. While 2022 is filling up, a lot of these dates are for 2021 weddings who have 'pencilled in' 2022 dates (see yellow shaded dates with red fonts here). These will become available again should the wedding go ahead on the original 2021 date.

Likewise a number of 2021 yellow shaded red fonted dates will empty once restrictions lift. These will then become available for Last Minute or smaller weddings in 2021. The calendars look so full because many weddings have two dates reserved.

We advise weddings in July/August 2021 to provisionally select a future pencilled in date in 2022 (or late 2021) with a view to moving their date should restrictions continue beyond Boris Johnsons' planned road map. Though we are more optimistic now that by July/ Aug 2021, 'normal' weddings will resume, as planned, July and August bookings should still have a back-up date just in case.

New bookings for the Intimate Wedding Package can be accepted for months shaded yellow on the calendar below.

Last Minute bookings can be made for months shaded dark green on the calendar.

September 2021 onwards should be OK for you to book all our wedding packages. We offer free postponement or a switch to a Ceremony Only wedding if needed - you then have the main event later.

You can see a slideshow of our first COVID-compliant 30 guests limit wedding (October 2020) here. All NEW bookings for larger weddings above 50-60 guests should look beyond 21st June 2021 or into 2022. As any large wedding requires more certainty in their planning, if you have much above 60 guests, book into 2022 and 2023.

Check your wedding date is available, then Book Your Viewing Appointment.  

  • Months shaded Green qualify for our Last Minute Wedding Package for 50 guests minimum (LMWP-50), however this assumes 50 guests are allowed then. If not, terms can be adjusted to the Intimate Wedding Package.

  • Months shaded Light Green qualify for Last Minute Weddings with a higher Minimum of 80 Day & Min 80 Eve - read more.  Assumes 80 guests will be permitted at this time. If not, may be swapped to Laat Minute for 50 (LMWP-50).

Weddings in 2021 at 2018/19 rates

Colour shaded dates are booked - see colour table for type of wedding. Any unshaded date is still available to book.
Day of week













Coronavirus has resulted in many 2020 weddings skipping a year into 2021 in accordance with our Coronavirus Policy here.

Yellow shaded dates with black font are 'new weddings' that have reserved but not yet booked. Dates with red font and yellow shading are 'pencilled in' transfer dates for our existing wedding clients who have reserved a new 2021 date ahead of officially moving their original date. These will be released again if their original date can go ahead. All 'moved' weddings revert to their normal colour according to the type of wedding package booked, once the date transfer is officially confirmed. See wedding colour codes here.
Craig y Nos Castle winner Best Wedding Venue Wales

2 night breaks deal

Two Night Breaks on Last Minute / Winter Weddings: A Friday wedding means your guests can stay overnight on the Thursday at half rpice, offering a great value two day break for your guests.

Provided there is low B&B use by a Last Minute / Winter Wedding on a Friday there'll be acommodation available for a Saturday wedding's guests to stay over on the Friday too, subject to availability. Last Minute weddings (showing in pink) are often smaller weddings, so two night breaks can be booked by guests of most winter weddings.

Next Wedding Open Day - see details here


Viewing Request
To book a viewing of Craig y Nos Castle please use the quick-form below

Should you not be able to visit the castle in person, we are now offering 'remote viewing' via Skype or What's App. You can mark this preference on the form below. We cannot offer this service, or any viewings, during weddings. Please check viewing times availability on the link above first to avoid wedding times and other viewings.

 I intend to visit the castle in person
 I wish to remote view via Skype/ What's App


Event Type
Public Rooms
NoneNo event bookedAvailableDate unbooked and available
ReservedWedding Date Reserved'Reservation fee' paid by a NEW wedding client
ReservedPencilled in forward date
This is a second date Reserved in case COVID regs prevent original wedding date going ahead
SWPSpecial WeddingExclusiveEnsuites only for wedding guests
Weekend Excusive DealExclusive
UWPUltimate WeddingExclusive As fewer rooms are reserved for wedding guests on these wedding packages, some B&B may remain available for non-wedding guests. However evening meals & bar may not be available for non-wedding guests (depends on which rooms in use by wedding)
LMWPLast Minute Weddings Cons/ Nici
AFESWPArmed Forces WeddingExclusive
Midweek WeddingsCons/ Nici
IWPIntimate Wedding PackageCons/ Nici
GWExternal Site OffersExclusive
BRTBespoke WeddingsPart Booked
COWCeremony Only WeddingAvailableOne room for ceremony only
SWEEPEvening EntertainmentFunction Rm
B&B available; no access to bar/ restaurant for non event guests
PROMStudents PromFunction Rm
G.H.O.S.TCastle run Ghost TourAvailable
B&B will be open to non event guests & Eve Meals served.

On the grey shaded dates we are only able to offer weddings with no or very low B&B use.
Wed FairWed Fair / Open DayAvailable
B&B fullBedrooms fullybooked by next day's weddingAvailable
EventsConferences, Luncheons Group Ghost Tours, teasPartly Booked
30/03/2020 12:56: At the outset of the Coronavirus Lockdown, I said to a supplier: "Look after your customers and your customers will look after you."  Whatever happens in the next few months, we will do everything we can to look after our customers.

This may mean Ceremony Only Weddings in the theatre for a few months on your original 2020 date (offered free of charge if we are able to partially open, but without food or drinks etc).

It may be that 'social distancing' rules continue to prevent large social gatherings even after the initial period of full quarantine is lifted.

Large social gatherings may be disallowed, through many months of 2020.

If so we will continue to offer free postponement of your full wedding event until a time when you can get all your guests together again (whenever that may be).

Free Ceremony Only weddings will allow you to get married on your original wedding date. You would then use a Celebrant on your subsequent postponed main event date (see Coronavirus Page for Celebrant details) for your full postponed wedding ceremony and reception in 2021.

Below is an example of what we tried to do, and will continue to offer, when we are allowed to offer weddings again.

Hi there, just wanted to let you know I wrote this post on my timeline. Thank you so much for everything! Lauren
"In times of adversity there’s a polarizing effect that it has on humanity. It tends to make people either more gracious or more selfish according to their nature. I wanted to share an experience I had with the former, as we can all use more positivity in this day and age. I was due to be married on April 4th at Craig Y Nos Castle in Wales with 40 guests traveling from abroad and 60 from the UK. A few weeks ago as the dangers of travel were becoming more apparent we made the call to postpone. I called Nicola, one of the wedding planners at the castle and she was incredibly accommodating. Bear in mind this was before any actual restrictions or government advisories beyond “wash your hands”. They were willing to move everything to another date without any charge, offering nothing but kind words and support. They were also willing to let us use the theatre for free to get married on the 4th in a tiny 6 person wedding so we can get the immigration process started as my fiancé is from the UK and I’m from the US. As time went on and things escalated it became clear that I was going to have to go back to the US sooner rather than later or I might end up stranded in the UK with no way to help my parents on our family ranch in the US. I called Nicola again on Friday the 20th of March asking if we could try to move up the date. She said absolutely! We will do everything in our power to help you guys get married, and that’s exactly what she did. I was unable to get in touch with the registrar that Friday, so Nicola managed to contact the registrar on a Saturday and they set something up for the coming Tuesday. Nicola offered to set up a beautiful picnic area in the garden as they were no longer able to serve food due to government mandate, so I could just bring the food and it would all be decorated and romantic. I got a new dress and we were all set to go until the night before the wedding, the UK went into total lockdown and all weddings were cancelled, even small ones. While this may not be much of a happy ending to the story, the kindness and support showed my fiancé and I by Nicola and the rest of the staff at Craig Y Nos have been such an enormous help in dealing with the emotions of having to postpone and having to leave the UK without knowing when my fiancé would be able to join me. If anyone is looking for a new location to get married, I cannot express how much I recommend Craig Y Nos Castle. Beyond having an amazingly beautiful facility with phenomenal food and fantastic history, their staff are the absolute best in the business with the biggest hearts as well! Not all heroes wear capes, some work at Craig Y Nos!"
Also, a welsh wedding magazine expressed interest in the story, would that be ok with you guys?
10:03 AM
The Official Craig y Nos Castle
Hi Lauren, such kind words - i am sure Nicola will be happy to read these. Not sure where you are now, assuming in America and hope that you are well, safe and have enough food to get by. Your comments are amazing and iwould love to share these.....  Of course, and finally, i know that Nicola cant wait to actually run your wedding eventually. With love Michael x

"The description of a 'perfect day', seems inadequate for what was a truly memorable experience for all concerned. The weather was glorious, which helped with the outside reception and photographs, but .... " Read more

In line with the Coronavirus Policy page on date transfers, Most 2020 weddings have transferred into new dates. 'Pencilled in' transfer dates are show in yellow with red font. New bookings pending signing of wedding contract are yellow shaded with black font.  Many weddings now have two dates - their original date and a future pencilled in reserve date in case they need to move. Yellow shaded dates with red fonts may become available again for new wedding clients, IF these pencilled in dates are released - i.e. the original wedding date can go ahead.

Following the Prime Minister's statement on 23/03/20 the Castle remains closed other than for security, key management personnel and live-in maintenance staff. So there is no one to receive incoming calls. The majority of reception, front of house, wedding planning staff remain furloughed. Please can everyone email us rather than phone us. Or use the Chat Service on the website. Wedding Planners working still from home can still take incoming emails and answer queries on our chat service but cannot take phone calls. Viewings resumed on 2nd August - please complete a viewing enquiry to book a viewing. Kindly note Nicola and Emily are working from home other than for viewings, so if you are unable to attend your viewing time, please let us know to save someone making a special trip in to meet you.

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