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Craig y Nos Castle
Brecon Road
Swansea Valley

T: 01639 731167

T: 01639 730205

Molly Stanbury
Wedding Planner
Molly Stanbury - Wedding Planner Craig y Nos Castle
I am Molly Stanbury, and have been working as a Wedding Planner with 4 years experience and 1 years prior experience working in a Hotel Reception.

I am on hand to deal with all aspects of our Clients wedding from initial contact, to booking to fulfilment on the day.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your wedding, or to discuss booking your Wedding at Craig Y Nos Castle, please email me or call me on 01639 731167

Nicola Jones
Wedding Planner
Nicola Jones Wedding Planner Craig y Nos Castle
I’m Nicola Jones and I’m a wedding planner here at Craig Y Nos Castle.

With over 9 year’s experience in the wedding industry working for a number of different venues I can bring a wealth of experience which helps plan your Wedding Day.

Having also worked as an Events Manager for several venues, my experience in running events also extends to Birthday Parties, Conferences and other Group Events. Prior to working for Craig Y Nos Castle I ran my own nightclub for 3 years.

Feel free to contact me on 01639 731167 or by email where I can assist with existing wedding queries and take viewings and deal with any aspect of Wedding Bookings.

Emily Tuck
Wedding Planner Assistant
Emily Tuck - Assistant Wedding Planner at Craig y Nos Castle
I am Emily Tuck and I have worked at Craig Y Nos Castle for nearly 4 years starting as a Waitress, then working in the bar and most recently as a Wedding Planning Assistant.

Using my experience in dealing with our customers, I am able to discuss Weddings with prospective wedding couples to ensure that we can ensure that they get a great offer and great service.

For a Wedding Viewing please contact me on 01639 731167 or email me on

Donna Davies
Wedding & Events / Management
Donna Davies

Joined Craig y Nos Castle as a Management Consultant but ended up working full time to transform the Wedding Planning and Functions Department. She has led the change-over from a team of two to three wedding planners to an enlarged team comprising wedding planners and wedding planner assistants, during a phase when we expanded from 80 weddings a year to approaching 110 weddings a year.

Donna oversees the wedding planning team, assisting with a wide range of areas such as Castle Decor, Wedding Viewings, liason with Customers in her capacaty as overall manager of the wedding and events team.

Donna can be contacted on

Not all team members are shown on this page yet.

Adrianne Sedgmore - new Wedding Assistant

Worked in the Hospitality and Events industry for 8 years, started as a waitress at the age of 14. Restaurant manager for 3 years.

Live events assistant at the Wales Millennium Centre for 1 year. Has always had a career dream to become a wedding planner and is thrilled to be a part of a fantastic team. Lives locally.

Will go above and beyond for anyone to make their special day perfect.

Adrianne recently joined the team as a Wedding Assistant and can be contacted on

Your Wedding Booking at Craig y Nos Castle

When you book your wedding with us, we will invite you to our Open Days - see Wedding Fair page for dates of all Fairs and Open Days. At an Open Day the Castle will be set up just as it will be on a wedding day. We arrange for Pure Weddings DJ to be here, so the function room is set up as if for an evening wedding party and disco. We also arrange with 'Centre of Attention', a well-known Brecon venue decoration company, to set up several display options for the tables and chairs in the Conservatory, to give you some great ideas for your own wedding.

If you would like to meet with a wedding planner, please complete the appointment resquest form here, suggesting two different times / dates that you can see a wedding planner to discuss your wedding.

Communicating with Castle by Phone

Reception is manned 09.00 to 21.00 hrs 7 days a week. However, at times there is only one receptionist on duty and even when there are two, both can be away from the reception desk for a while.

If they are already on the phone or are on a long call or have left their desk to show someone to their room, or if they are simply talking to a customer at the front desk, or if they have nipped behind the bar to serve a drink, the phone may not be answered for several rings. We do not operate an automated answering or call holding / recorded message system. If you keep ringing, this can work, but often it is best to simply ring back in ten minutes.

Overflow calls feed through on the 8th ring to another office, so provided that office is manned in turn, calls will be picked up. However sometimes it can be easier to either ring back in ten minutes or email us!

Communicating with Castle via Website's Chat Service

Using the phone has now become a less efficient method of contact. The on-line Chat window is probably the best method for most questions - plus you get a written log of your chat for future reference. We installed Jivo Chat on our websites over December 2018 / Jan 2019 and instantly saw a flurry of 20 or so chats coming in each day. This is because Jivochat invites anyone on the site to join the chat - it's a pop-up prompt to chat.

The beauty of this system is that we can have experienced people, Martin (who writes the websites), the wedding planners above, and key Reception staff, providing a chat advisory service. We can all take turns offering answers on the chat, working from 'anywhere'. Customers love this new service as we can generally respond within seconds.

This means you can get a response almost instantly provided a chat person is in. If you do have to leave a message and an email, or have your email already appearing on the Chat window, you can be sent a response to any question you ask within a few hours. However between 09.00 to 21.00 you should receive a response in seconds.

We can often direct you to a section of the website that you might not easily find, that answers your specific query.

Plus you get to keep a copy of your chats with the advice and quotations offered, within the chat, for you to refer to later. This is better than a telephone conversation where you have no documentary evidence of what was said. Always keep your Jivochat transcripts somewhere safe in case you need to refer to them later.

Communicating with the Castle by Email

All our wedding team will reply from our email address and any emails to our wedding team should be sent to this email address. Emails to are also received by members of the Management team to ensure that any requests from customers are actioned accordingly. Management can ONLY monitor emails sent to the castle's two main email addresses below. We do not have access to any non addresses or to staff's personal email addresses for obvious reasons, so emails sent to any individual's personal in-box, or correspondence on any form of social media, chat forum, what's app etc, cannot be monitored.

In order to ensure that your emails are actioned appropriately it would be helpful that wedding emails use the email address and within the email you use the name of the person you are dealing with. Requirements that you have for your wedding plans, table arrangements, payments, guest numbers etc should also be sent to this email address.

To always be sure of a quick reply from someone, and especially if your enquiry is urgent, please also cc your email (or address it directly to) for accommodation bookings (all accommodation bookings go via reception) and for anything wedding related please email

All emails to both the above addresses are automatically entered into your database file as they are received, and either responded to by reception or by someone in the Wedding Planning team, generally within 24 hours or less. Entering these emails on to your file allows us to create an 'audit trail' of all correspondence with you and to properly record the evolution of your wedding plans. In this way all your requirements for your wedding are trackable within the emails sequence logged on your file. Any correspondence with any 'private' email addresses, chats etc, should be cc'd to the address so it can go on your file.

In order to ensure that you do receive emails from the Castle it would also be helpful that these 2 email addresses are added to any whitelists or allowed email lists.

Wedding Couple by the boating lake in Craig y Nos Country Park

  • Or call 01639 731167 to enquire about holding your Wedding in Wales.

  • See our comprehensive Brecon Beacons Hotels website for all our other offers and links to places to see and things to do in the Brecon Beacons National Park and surrounding areas.

See our Castle Wedding Venue for yourself

Book your Viewing on-line here



Wine & Dine Offer

Wine & Dine & Stay overnight for £99

B&B in an en-suite for one night for two (worth £150 on a weekend night, or £140 mid-week)

Three Course Evening Meal & a free glass of champagne each (worth £60 or more, for two)

Free one hour History Tour of the Castle for two, on the morning of departure (worth £20, for two)

Wedding Planning Meeting & Viewing

40 acres of Country Park & Lakes etc., for walks (we are dog friendly too)



Very Useful Links

Discover everything you need to know about what to do and what to see, when you are here.


Dogs & Local Walks on Craig y Nos Castle's doorstep

1. Dog Walks in the Country Park - Meadow Walks
2. Dog Walks in the Country Park - Woodland Walks
3. Dog Walks up our nearest Mountain, returning via the Welsh Show Caves - Mountain Walk


Dog friendly Nearby Walks (taking the car a short distance)
1. Dog Walks at the Brecon Mountain Centre Walk
2. Local Waterfalls Walk - Henrhyd Waterfalls Walk
3. Local Mountain Lake Walk - Lady of the Lake of Arthurian Legend Walk
4. Coastal Sandy Beaches Walk - Oxwich Bay Walk and Rhossili Beach Walk
5. Circular 2 hour all the round the Reservoir Walk - Usk Reservoir Walk


Touring and Scenery - further afield

5. Dinefwr Castle and Parkland (National Trust)
10. Many more Outings with Dogs - another huge resource of dog friendly outings (most allow dogs - exceptions are advised on our list)
11. Suggested Itinerary of what to do and see in the area, on a 4 or 5 day break


History & Renovation

2. See the Transformation of the Conservatory from derelict shell to Wedding Venue
3. Landscaping the theatre Gardens and Exterior work
5. Restoration of the large sitting room - the Nicolini Lounge
6. Conversion of the old Aviary into a Sports room and Spa
8. History of the Castle - First Owner
9. History of the Castle - Adeline Patti
10. Adelina Patti Recordings and the Recording Industry
11. Nicolini Lounge in Historical times - with old pictures
12. Function room in Historical times - with old pictures
13. The Conservatory in Historical times - with old pictures
13. How Craig y Nos Castle's Winter Gardens become the Patti Pavilion in Swansea


Ghosts & Ghouls

1. The Share the Experience Ghost tour for groups of ten or more to arrange their own group tour (minimum 10)
2. The G.H.O.S.T. tour - a once monthly History and Ghost tour which individuals and couples can book on to without organising their own group tour (maximum 15 on each monthly tour)
3. Ghost Stories, Room 36, Patti Bar fireplace, the old staircase, and see the site for more stories and history


Regular Visitor Discounts - via our Members Club

Discounts apply for regular guests. Membership of the Castle Club is free - but you make advance payments of £30 PCM by standing order to build up a Members Balance. You then use your Members Balance for Castle services, discounted B&B, meals, drinks, self-catering stays at the farmhouse etc. Substantial discounts apply which make it worth joining if you are planning on being a regular visitor.

So if you are planning to visit Craig y Nos Castle at least once or twice a year, membership is an option worth considering. You are also able to book friends and relatives in at the same discounts you personally can enjoy, when making a booking under your own name. Visit for more details.
Wedding Reception Swansea, Craig y Nos Country Park Bride and Groom on Bridge by Jenkins Photography
Craig y Nos Castle bride in lower gardens by Pure Creations Wedding Photography

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