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Wedding Tariffs - Weekend and Weekday Wedding Packages

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There are two main wedding packages based on your guests using the Castle's accommodation - a weekend Special Wedding Package (SWP) and a Midweek Wedding Package (MWP).

Your Wedding Day in a Castle - Exclusively Yours

"We only allow one wedding a day, so
our Castle is yours for your wedding day"


Weekend Wedding Package

Weddings at Craig y Nos Castle South Wales Wedding Venue
Wedding Ceremony Room South Wales Wedding Venue
The Saturday Wedding Package includes your two course wedding breakfast and exclusive use of  the Castle Wedding Venue

Saturdays £4,500 for 70 guests

Special Friday Wedding Deal £3,000 for 60 guests

With Exclusive Use of all the castle's ground floor function rooms and lounges

Saves you £2,750 on a SATURDAY wedding compared to our regular weekend tariff

The Castle's Opera House is licensed for Wedding Ceremonies. Ceremony Room is included within our Wedding Packages.

Weekend Wedding - Guests Overnight Deals: You invite 50 guests staying overnight - guests pay for their own rooms.

Guest Accommodation: £75 B&B per night per person for the first 50 guests based on two sharing a double en-suite room. Extra guests are £35 per per person B&B, for extras in family rooms and non en-suites, subject in turn to a minimum of £150 per double en-suite room. Half price deal on one night when staying two nights in same room.
"we had a superb day. The venue is gorgeous and made a real sense of occasion for everyone who attended. The food was superb, the rooms great, and after some early worries with a changeover in..... " Read more


Weekday Wedding Package

Weddings at Craig y Nos Castle South Wales Wedding Venue

Weekday Wedding - Guests Overnight Deals:

50 wedding guests to your wedding breakfast and 25 guests staying overnight at £75.00 B&B per guest - guests pay for their own B&B. Half price deal on one night, when staying two nights in the same room.
The Weekday Wedding Package includes:

  • A two course wedding breakfast and all the trimmings such as table linen, napkins, candelabra, cake stand

  • Plus exclusive use the castle's ground floor day function rooms, being the conservatory for your wedding breakfast and the opera house for your wedding ceremony

  • The Evening Party Room is added free for your evening entertainment, when you have 75 guests to your evening buffet

  • For smaller weddings, you have both your wedding banquet and your evening party in the Conservatory.

The Midweek Wedding Package (MWP) is the same as the Special Wedding Package (SWP) above, for fewer guests.
Mid-week 2 night B&B breaks offer: Guests staying at the Castle on the night of your wedding have the option to stay the night before your wedding at 50% off normal mid-week B&B tariff (£35 B&B PPPN based on two sharing an en-suite).


Our Weekday Wedding Package saves you £2,087.50 over regular 'weekday' tariff. If you have less than the minimum numbers, you can make up any shortfall as a top-up and still make a great saving over the regular tariff on this Package.

With your guests staying overnight, your wedding last longer. No one has to worry about drink-drive and getting home. You can all party long into the night - hence the castle's name - Craig y Nos - which literally means "Rock of the Night" in Welsh. You can rock the night away!


Simple Extras for both Packages

Add extra day guests above the minimum @ £50 per day guest for the 2 course wedding breakfast

Add a third course to the Wedding Breakfast for £7.00/ head, or use Wedding Cake with cream and ice cream added, @ £4.00/ head

Add Canapes to go with your Welcome Drinks.

We also recommend

Welcome Drinks and Table Wine and Toasting Drinks Package - served at the Wedding Breakfast: £17.00 / head.

Add either a Cheeseboard at £12.00 head, or the Evening Buffet @ £17.00/ head, or the Buffet & DJ Special Wedding Evening Entertainment Package (SWEEP) for £25/head (Min. 75 guests).

Weddings at Craig y Nos Castle South Wales Wedding Venue Country Park's duck lake

Detailed breakdown of Extras and Options

See full chart below for further tariffs for children, superior options on wedding menus, evening buffets, etc.
The individual items below are best discussed with your Wedding Planner. There are many excitingly different options you can discuss when you visit us.

You have so many choices of what you can do, with so many rooms exclusively yours to decorate as you wish!

It's really best just to visit the venue to see what we can offer you, to make your Special Day truly special and unique.

The Function Rooms

**Venue hire is included within the wedding packages


Theatre Hire - hire this if you are marrying at the castle


Patti Bar, music room, billiard room - for evening party/ receptions


Nicolini room main castle sitting room


Breakfast room hire


Conservatory - the main daytime room and wedding banquet room


Hire of entire Ground Floor of Castle exclusively
Catering - Day
Wedding Breakfast (WB) (Standard 2 course)
Wedding Breakfast (WB) (Standard 3 course)
Wedding Breakfast (WB) (Superior 3 course)
Wedding Breakfast (WB) & Table Drinks (soft drinks!) Child (6-15)
Wedding Breakfast (WB) & Table Drinks (soft drinks!) Child (age <5)
Your Wedding cake as third course, topped with cream & with ice cream
Catering & Entertainment - Evening
Evening Buffet with choice of 6 items (extra items £2.95/ head)
Evening Buffet after WB with 6 items choice - children's rate
Buffet only wedding as a stand-alone, no WB - (min 100)
Cheeseboard Evening Buffet Option (for minimum of 50 guests, eve only)
SWEEP Evening Entertainment Package & Buffet add-on after WB (min 75)
SWEEP Evening Entertainment Package & Buffet stand-alone, no WB (min 100)
Drinks & Beverages
Welcome Drinks if taken separately (not as part of Drinks Package) £7.00

Wine on Tables/ per bottle


Corkage - regular sized bottles of table wine (for smaller bottles see here)


Corkage - for oversized bottles such as Magnums of Champagne etc £25.00
Prices over the Bar - see Bar Prices page here ---
Set-up of portable Spirit & Wine Bar in Conservatory - see more here £100.00

Sparkling Wine / toasting wine - per bottle


Wedding Drinks Package (Welcome Drinks, Table Wine, Toasting Champagne) this is £6/head lower than buying bottles etc separately £17.00
Decorations & Sundries
Chair Covers in Theatre and /or Conservatory per chair (without bows) £1.25
Chair Covers as above provided by Castle per chair (with our bows)
Chair moving; swap chairs from one room to another, per chair - read more £2.50

Candelabra Hire (each) - we have 12 (included FREE under all packages)


Candles (set of 5) - or supply your own but please use non-drip
Candy Cart hire without stock of candy (you  supply your own 'candy')
Flower Package - Theatre - see theatre flowers here £100.00
Flower Package - Theatre & Conservatory £150.00
Candy Cart hire with stock of 'candy' - up to 50 guests (+£1.50/guest >50)
Extra Charges for additional services not listed above  
See here

Welcome Drinks
Table Wine &
Toasting Champagne
Drinks Package

Welcome Drinks are served in the Nicolini Lounge here.

Canapes are an additional option if you are having a late wedding banquet.  

For Table Wine we recommend 20 bottles for 50 guests or if more guests, we allow 1 bottle of table wine per 2.5 guests. Table Wine is £18.40/ bottle. A table of ten would need 4 bottles of house wine, typically two of red and two of white. This means Table Wine works out at £7.36 a guest.

For the Toasts we recommend 2-3 bottles Sparkling Wine, Prosecco or Veuve, per table, depending on the number of guests at each table. Sparkling Wine is £21.75/ bottle.  There are 6 glasses per bottle and you need up to two glasses per guest for the toasts, which makes two bottles per table of 6-7 or 3 bottles per table of 9-10. Sparking Wine therefore works out at £7.25 a guest.

On the Wedding Packages we offer a discounted Wine and Toasting Drinks Package @ £17.00/Guest.

Note if you have less than ten guests on some tables, the distribution of house wine would be altered from 4 per table to, say, 3 per table, to provide no more than 20 bottles of table wine for 50 guests, or no more than one bottle per 2.5 guests.  This ratio applies to the Wine and Toasting Drinks Package, however if you wish to supply additional bottles of wine, these can be offered in addition, at the applicable cost for each extra bottle supplied.

Viewing Request

To discuss your wedding with a wedding planner without booking an overnight stay -
please send us the quick viewing request form below:


If you do not want guests staying overnight, but have 75-125 or more guests, our Members Wedding Package has no overnight guests requirement.

Or you can pop across to our Regular Tariff Page and check the venue hire options should you wish to have no overnight guests, and simply pay venue hire on the rooms you use.


Extra Services not listed on this page

For any extra service not included in our Wedding Packages or mentioned on this Tariff Page, we may be able to provide the service required for a small additional cost. Everything Extra that involves additional time / work / staff hours above what is included in the packages, or additional special purchases, can be quoted for separately.

In most cases you will be employing your own Wedding Suppliers to set things up. For an idea of the suppliers you will need, see what is not included here. Anything extra required of Castle Staff to support your wedding that is discussed verbally, where we suggest we can be of assistance, should be confirmed and added to your wedding account.  Read more on extras here.
Craig y Nos Castle Frontage Wedding Receptions Venue South Wales

Which Wedding Package suits you best?

(i) Weekend Wedding - Saturdays 70 guests at Wedding Breakfast, Fridays 60 guests at Wedding Breakfast, both with 50 guests overnight (guests pay for their own B&B)

(ii) Weekday Wedding - 50 guests at Wedding Breakfast, with 25 guests overnight (guests pay for their own B&B)

(iii) Last Minute Weddings - 50 guests at Wedding Breakfast, with 20 guests overnight (guests pay for their own B&B)

(iv) Members Wedding Package with no overnight accommodation requirement. Aimed at large local weddings of 90 guests or more where most guests won't want to stay overnight. Requires minimum of 75 guests to your wedding breakfast, but for best value, invite 125 guests.

(v) Weekend Exclusive Deal. V.I.P. All-inclusive 2 day Wedding Package. This is a full weekend all-inclusive Premium Wedding Package with full Exclusive use of the Castle for the whole weekend, with pretty much everything you’ll need in your chosen Wedding Venue, included.

(vi) Armed Forces & Emergency Services. A discounted Wedding Package, specific only to members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services where you may be called away for emergency duties on your Wedding Day - contract allows for short notice date changes of wedding date.

For a personalised quote for your Saturday wedding, based on Day Guest numbers for the wedding breakfast and any requirements for a Drinks Package and / or an evening Buffet, see Saturday Wedding Quoter here.  For the Friday wedding package, see Friday Wedding Quoter here.

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