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What's not included in our Wedding Packages - e.g. don't forget the Registrar!

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What's not included

Craig y Nos Castle Courtyard view from roadWe include a list of what is not included in our Wedding Package here - just in case you forget something!  All the independent wedding suppliers for our wedding venue in South Wales are listed on this website. Start with 'Balloons' and go alphabetically through the different categories of supplier.

This list may also give you some ideas for extras at your wedding reception that you had not considered.

  • Registrar - you will need to book the registrar. The telephone number for the registrar is

01597 827468

This number is available Monday - Thursday between 0915 and 1645 or until 1615 on Fridays.

Wedding couple showered in confetti at Craig y Nos Castle's opera houseHere are some of the Suppliers you may need - plus there are loads of options: start with Wedding Suppliers Balloons and go from one page to the next.

  • Musicians including Wedding Harpist, Wedding Pianist, Choirs etc (Harpist looks and sounds traditional in the castle setting)
  • Wedding Cake (of course). Click here for a slide show of wedding cakes

  • Wedding table Magician

  • Ice Sculptures

  • Bride's Hair stylist

  • Bridalwear

  • Wedding Cars, Horse & Carriages etc (not necessary if staying overnight and ceremony is in Opera House, but required if ceremony is elsewhere)

  • Oversized Candelabra and / or Candles for tables (10 normal sized - reasonably large - silver candelabra are included within the Special Offer but  you will still need to supply tall candles of your own choice of colour: please buy non-drip candles so as not to mark the candelabra).

Weekend Wedding Package Exclusive South Wales Wedding Venue

Other Extras that we can quote you for...
Managing Expectations

Our Wedding Planner Guide shows what each of us will be doing to organise your perfect day and helps us ensure all your hopes for your wedding day come true.

1. Table Decor, Centrepieces and the finishing touches to your Tables

An area where Couples get confused is 'what does the Wedding Venue decorate?'  Some Couples do not realise that what we provide stops at the table linen, napkins, cutlery, glasses and plates, and putting out sufficient chairs and rounds (round tables) according to your table plan.

When it comes to centrepieces and table decor, you either do this yourself on the morning of your wedding (or if the room is vacated, the night before), putting out your own place names, favours, table centres etc. Or you hire in a table decor professional to do it all for you.

Table Decor centrepieces is not something the Castle will routinely do for you, though we can set up your table decor, favours etc, and put bows on chairs and white covers etc, by separate arrangement, if you have not sorted out your own decor company.

2. Bunting and Venue Decor.

Yes, we can even have our maintenance team climb tall ladders and put your bunting and balloons up, but you will need to contribute to the cost of any extra staff rota'd on to do this.  Or you can hire in a Balloon Decor Company or a Bunting Company to do this for you.

3. Chair Moving.

If your colour theme is blue and you want all the red seated gold painted chairs moved out of the Conservatory and replaced with blue seated and silver painted chairs from the theatre, this is an extra service.

4. Special Purchases - buying in items we do not already have.

A 2017 wedding client said we promised a clean fridge, sterile, for their personal medication as they had multiple and serious allergies. But how do you provide a medically sterile fridge?  Cleaning an existing fridge is not possible for someone with multiple allergies to almost everything, as the cleaning products themselves can cause a reaction. So we bought a new fridge - and the customer still complained! This was a 'Special Purchase' and in our desire to please, we made promises we should not have made.

5. Early check-in for Wedding Guests ahead of Wedding Ceremony.

It is often assumed that Guests of a wedding can book in to their rooms ahead of the Wedding Ceremony to get changed. But no hotel can have all guests book in simultaneously at 11 am if booking out is 10.30 am!  To enable multiple early book-ins we'd need an army of cleaners to clean our 100-bed capacity hotel.  We have up to 7 cleaners work 3 hours to clean the rooms, so to do them all in 1 hour would need 21 cleaners!

As Check-in time is 3 pm and your Ceremony will be before then, guests are invited to change in the Sports Room if they need somewhere to get ready in, before the Ceremony. We also encourage guests to stay the night before the wedding by offering half price on the first night, if staying in the same room for two consecutive nights. For those arriving on the Wedding Day, see changing facilities for guests before Ceremony.

One client wanted early book-in for all their guests, overlooking that only three rooms can be reserved for early check-in, at a charge of £25/ room for early arrivals. So we had 'everyone' busy cleaning the rooms to keep the Couple happy. Unaware of all this, the Couple (seeing all the managers cleaning rooms) complained we should have had more cleaners!

6. Wedding Menu choices

We have had some couples give their guests the entire wedding menu to choose from, not reading that they should only offer their guests two choices of each course of the wedding breakfast. This has meant us on occasion having to tell the Couple to go back to their guests with a revised menu! Many venues only allow ONE choice of each course (plus a vegetarian option). Craig y Nos allows two choices plus a Vegetarian option.

For a recent wedding that only gave their menu choices five days before the wedding date, we were confronted with 7 choices of main and 7 choices of starter taken from both the Standard Wedding Breakfast Menu and the Superior Wedding Breakfast menu. There was no time for the Couple to go back to their guests with a corrected menu, and the Couple had no comprehension they should be paying for the Superior Menu upgrade.

We do not have enough hobs to simultaneously prepare this range of dishes all at once, but by preparing some of the extra dishes in additional staff kitchens, it was done.  The Couple were blissfully unaware of the extra work created and we did not charge them for the Superior Menu Upgrade!  Kindly note a Wedding Breakfast is not a la carte. Due to the numbers and need for smooth and efficient service it has to be mass catering of two choices of starter (plus a vegetarian option) and two choices of main (plus a veggie option).

7. Alcoholic Table Favours

Many couples bring their own small bottles in, of wine or spirits or tasty special drinks, as table favours, not understanding that all alcohol brought on the premises has a corkage charge, not just normal sized bottles.

8. Guests' private Alcohol Consumption on the premises.

Yes, you can buy a pint of lager in a supermarket for under a £1, yet pay 3-4 times that amount in a hotel or pub. But this does not mean you should allow guests to bring their own alcohol on the premises! We have with increasing frequency found guests bringing in their own alcohol to the hotel, and openly drinking their own drinks in public areas. Some hide a huge stash of supermarket bottles in their car or in the bushes!  They are surprised and aggrieved when these drinks are confiscated!  

Some hotels even stipulate the Bride and Groom will be charged a corkage fee for bottles brought in by their guests. As the 'empties' get discarded on the premises, it is simple enough to establish which bottles and cans were not bought at the venue. We have not gone down this route yet, but it is something we see other venues are writing in to their Terms & Conditions / Contracts.

A tutor I employ for my boys during the holidays attended a wedding and said guests were 'unhappy about the Manager not letting the Bride serve her own drinks to her guests'. I had to explain why we charge 'corkage'. Who I asked, pays the wages of the bar staff waiting to serve drinks who are then standing idly by while guests consume their supermarket purchases?  Who pays the Rates and Council Tax on the building they are drinking their own supermarket wines in? Who clears away those same bottles along with our own and pays for the rubbish collection?  Who pays for the heating and lighting, and the insurance on the building?  

And if someone gets food poisoning from consumables brought on the premises, who covers the insurance claim as we all argue the toss over where the food came from?  

The best way to understand who does what is to read the wedding planning pages on our site!  Managing Expectations is about knowing what to expect!
Wedding Venue Swansea,Craig Y Nos Castle Estate

Please do familiarise yourself with who and what you need and when, by reading our free Wedding Planner on this website. This is an entire book, so merits careful study when you have time. It will give you loads of tips and hints and help you immensely in planning your day. I do not believe there is any resource quite like this all in one place on the internet.

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