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Wedding Package Evening Buffet menu, choose any 6 items

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Craig y Nos Castle Wales Weddings - Evening Buffet Menu

Choose from a Finger Buffet or Two Hot Buffets

 Evening Buffet at Craig y Nos Castle 2018 Wedding Function Room

FINGER BUFFET & £17.00 (2023)

For subsequent years tarifs see chart here
Sandwich selection
Sausage rolls
Chicken wings
Pasties/cheese pasties
Mini pork pies
Chicken goujons
Potato wedges

South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle
HOT BUFFET ONE @ £19.95 (2023)
For subsequent years tarifs see chart here

Mini hog rolls
Potato Wedges
Corned Beef Pasties
Cheese pasties
Sausage rolls
Tempura prawns
Mediterranean Vegetable skewers
Halloumi skewers
Potato salad
Penne pasta
Mixed leaves

1. Indian Curry Buffet with a selection of curries and rice dishes served with a selection of Poppadums, Naan breads', chutneys', Bhajis and Somasas and potato wedges.

2. Mexican Buffet with a selection of Beef Chilli and Vegetable Chilli served with a Selection of dips, Taco Shells, Tortilla Wraps, Nachos all served with sour cream, salsa and guacamole, cheese and coleslaw & salad and potato wedges.

3. American Style Buffet with a selection of build your own burgers (lamb, beef and falafel) with gerkins, bacon, cheese and onion rings with potato wedges, southern fried chicken, coleslaw and salad an and assortment of sauces and relishes.

"Thank you to the wonderful staff of Craig y Nos for a fantastic weekend. We got married at the castle a year ago and were returning for our anniversary (this time with our puppy in tow!)....... " Read more

The current Evening Buffet menu has three different pre-set Buffet Options above.

Craig Y Nos Castle offers a good variety of evening buffet options. Our chefs can also discuss any suggestions you may have - so let us know if you want something 'special'.
South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle

You may also be interested in our alternative option of slow roast hot pork rolls  - served with apple sauce, crackling and stuffing alongside a selection of condiments. Basically like a Hog Roast without the visual effect of the pig roasting on a spit. This would be an alternative to the choice of six items above.


Evening Pudding Choices


You may also be interested in offering guests a small selection of desserts -
all these individual options can be added at £2.95 per item per head:

Profiteroles with Chocolate or Toffee sauce

Fruit or Vanilla Cheesecake

Chocolate Brownie

Assorted Gateaus

Lemon Tart with Raspberry Coulis

Fresh Fruit Salad

Summer Berry Eton Mess

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce & Custard

Apple & Cinnamon Crumble

How many should you book for?

How many evening guests do you truly expect for the evening buffet?  Have you updated the number of evening guests you now expect based on you RSVPs?

We do not take bookings for the Evening Buffet when Brides first book their wedding, so if you wish to offer guests an evening buffet, let us know so it can be added to your account.

Kindly note we do not recommend ‘under-catering’ as this leads to complaints from guests if food runs out. So, if you invite 100 evening guests, you need to cater for 100. However, you should be realistic about attendance levels. Not all your evening guests will turn up on the night. The ‘no-show’ rate may be 5% to 10%. You can estimate your 'no-show rate' around this level (but no more than 10%) and deduct this from the original total.

So if you invite 100 evening guests, but expect some day guests to leave early or some evening extras not to come at all, then this is the ‘no show’ rate. If you assume 10% no-shows, you cater for 90 instead of 100 guests. This is quite acceptable as you are making a realistic estimate of numbers.

However, we cannot support intentional ‘under-catering’ where you cater for fewer than you expect, as this leads to complaints when food runs out.
The Gala Buffet at South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle

How hungry will your evening guests be? If you have a lot of evening extras, you may find they will eat more than guests who were at the Wedding Breakfast. If the majority of your evening guests are with us for the day, they'll initially be full from the wedding breakfast and will eat less. That said, alcohol is an appetite stimulator, and demand for the buffet will increase as the evening dancing gets under way.

You need the buffet to go out later if you have very few evening extras, to allow your day guests to work up an appetite. If you have a large contingent of evening extras, you need the buffet to go out earlier as these new evening guests will be hungry on arrival.
Mixed Buffet including small cheese board South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle
Special items or suggestions of your own may cost more per person (such as a specialist cheese board incorporating a selection of interesting Welsh Cheeses) so feel free to discuss any ideas wiith our Wedding Planner and our Chef.

Some options for Buffet Displays are shown above and this display will be added to shortly. Move your mouse over the picture to read the description of the buffet you are looking at.

Cheeseboard Buffet
You may choose a Cheeseboard Buffet either as an alternative to the main Wedding Buffet, or as an addition to it, or you can add a cheeseboard option, as one of the six full evening buffet items.

If you wish to replace the standard evening buffet with a cheeseboard option only, this is an alternative to the full evening buffet that we can offer you, at just £12.00 per head. This is for a minimum of 50 people. So you can offer your guests a cheeseboard buffet for £600, for 50 guests, and £12 for each extra guest thereafter.
Cheese Buffet
Snowdonia Welsh Cheese (Award Winning)
Truckles   Black Bomber (2018 Best Mature Cheese)
Green Thunder – Garlic & Herb
Red Devil- Red Leicester, Chilli & Red Pepper
Amber Mist – Cheddar & Whiskey
Smoked Cheddar
Cheese Wedges
Fayerfield Mature Welsh Cheddar
Abergdvenny Cheese Wheel
Y Fenni – Wholegrain Mustard & Ale
Pontgar Boksburg Blue
Italian Dolce Gorgonzola
Pontgar Brie Wheel

Et Al antipasti Olive - Mix of Olive, Pickles & Pickled Onions
Cherry Tomatoes & Celery Sticks
Red Onion Marmalade & Welsh Apple Chutney
Jacobs Biscuits
Nachos with Cream Cheese & Salsa Dip
Grapes & Pears

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