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Wedding Tips: Wedding Photographer

Consider how long you want the photographer to be around and what elements of the day you wish to capture. How many photographs will your photographer typically take to get sufficient worthwhile ones?  One photographer tells us he takes over 1,000 pictures at a typical wedding.

Photographers have their own style of photography, so you will be checking their websites and their galleries of photos at other weddings to understand their style and how it might fit in with your wedding.

As photographers can only do one wedding a day, you may find them booked up as far ahead as many venues, so be prepared to book your photographer soon after you book the wedding venue. Also find a photographer that has been to the reception venue before, as they will know the best places to get good shots at your chosen venue.

There is a degree of competition between photographers and so we have negotiated some good discounts from our Wedding Photographers at Craig y Nos Castle.

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