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Corkage on large & small bottle sizes & spirits

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Craig y Nos Castle Wales Wedding Venue Corkage



We charge £12.50 for a regular sized bottle of Wine and £25 for an over-sized bottle such as a Magnum of Champagne.

However we are seeing enquiries for smaller sized bottles and so have had to create a Corkage price list for the smaller bottles such as Splits, Quarters and Imperials.

Advice given by Tanners Wine Merchants on bottle sizes:

1. A ¼ bottle is called a ‘split’, but that’s a term more recognisable with minerals (split = 200ml). Typical Corkage on a quarter bottle (depending on contents) - from £4/ bottle.

2. A ¼ bottle is a Quarter or 'Single Serve's. These are 187ml or 18.75cl for still wines and 20cl/200ml for sparkling wine.

3. Port you can by in 5cl miniature bottles. Enquire about corkage rates separately for all spirits and specialist drinks.

4. Melchior is larger than Nebuchadnezzar, equivalent to 18 litres/24 bottles, versus 15/20 for the Nebuchadnezzar. Corkage rates decided by Management on these.

5. Imperials: some bottle names change depending on where they come from, there can be overlap too. Imperials are usually 6ltr in Bordeaux, but can be 4.5 litres from elsewhere (4.5L is Rehoboam in champagne). Corkage rate by negotiation on Imperials.

6. Any unusual sized bottle, refer to Wedding Planner who will cross reference with our own sale prices and margins to come up with a bespoke corkage rate depending on the lost mark-up to the castle.

Portable Bar set-up
in Conservatory for Evening Parties
held in Conservatory

Wedding Venues Swansea portable ginn bar

As there is no permanent bar in the Conservatory, this means your guests will use the main bar in the evening, even if your Evening Party is held in the Conservatory.

For a smaller more intimate wedding party you may not want your guests migrating from the Conservatory to the main bar, as this will split the wedding party up over different rooms on the ground floor. This may not be a good idea if you have a small wedding, as it will deplete the number of guests in the Conservatory.

Also we may have other non-wedding guests using the main bar, if you are not hiring it exclusively or do not have this additional area exclusively under your weeding package

We can set up a dedicated spirit and bottle bar in the conservatory for you for the evening of the wedding if you wish. There is a £100.00 charge for this to set it all up, stock it and to properly staff it with a dedicated bar person on the night. However the provision of this Portable Bar is available free under the Midweek Wedding Package if required.
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