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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Function Room 01

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Wedding Tips: Your first Dance

Some couples love the idea of performing a well-practiced dance routine in front of their wedding guests. Or you may be terrified at the idea!

Before anything else you need to choose 'your song'. You may pick first-dance music that is special to you: perhaps a song you listened to when you first met, or a romantic ditty that reflects your feelings for each other. Other choices could be music that fits with the theme of your wedding, or perhaps a light-hearted tune that mirrors your personalities and will make your wedding guests chuckle. Try a funny first dance!

Know the lyrics. Before you make your final choice of first dance song, be sure to listen to – and preferably also read – the words of the song. Many romantic-sounding songs turn out to be less appropriate than you might think. For example, couples may choose 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police – but this is allegedly about a stalker. Some go for 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed - but this is a song about the singer’s heroin habit.

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