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Standard Wedding Tariff - if you do not want a 'wedding package'

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Craig y Nos Castle Wales 'Standard Wedding Tariff'

  • Standard Tariff allows you a bespoke wedding where you hire individual rooms and services, food & beverages, at standard tariff rather than securing everything at a discounted 'wedding package' rate.

  • This page is for any special arrangements where your requirements do not fit our existing range of wedding packages - e.g. if you want a 'ceremony only' wedding, or have 'too few' wedding guests (say, under 20 or so) for our Wedding Packages. Or if you do not want to hire the castle exclusively for your wedding.

Minimum Spend level applies to
Bespoke / Standard Weddings
outside our Wedding Packages

Discounts & Free Extras are offered in our Wedding Packages. Some items in our standard tariff may be included free, or at a lower rate, within a 'wedding package'.

If you are booking a wedding off our standard tariff, i,e, not a 'wedding package', minimum spend level is as follows:

2024: £4,000.00
2025: £4,500.00
2026: £5,000.00

Bespoke / Standard Tariff – tailor made weddings

It is generally better value to opt for a Weekend Wedding Package or a Weekday Wedding Package.

The Wedding Packages have a lower tariff, due to reduced venue hire above certain numbers. In most cases it will be more economic and better value for you to take one of our wedding packages.

Under the Bespoke / Standard Tariff

  1. you do not have to meet the terms and conditions of the wedding packages.
  2. you do not need minimum numbers to your wedding breakfast.
  3. you do not require minimum numbers staying overnight.

You can choose to do without the buffet, or without the wedding breakfast. You can completely change your menu options.

You can hire individual rooms, or all the rooms.

You can do without the Ceremony Room (if marrying elsewhere or in a church).

You can have as few or as many guests as you wish, and choose whatever you want, totally flexibly.

Essentially you start with a blank slate and then add in the items you want us to provide for you from this page. Build up to your own 'bespoke wedding package'.

Once you have worked everything out, refer again to the Wedding Package Selection to decide which option - bespoke, or an existing package - gives you 'best value for money'.


Superior a la carte three course wedding breakfast

Superior buffet options

Your choice of function rooms and ceremony room

More flexibility - paying venue hire removes overnight guest requirement under the Packages

You can have a buffet only wedding

Option of a 'Ceremony Only' Wedding at just £500

Option of a Wedding Anniversary Party

the Standard Tariff is only for weddings that do not qualify for any wedding package

In most cases our wedding packages offer best value

If you have 50 wedding guests at your Wedding Breakfast, of whom 25 can stay overnight, choose the Midweek Wedding Package.

You only need 25 overnight (guests pay for their own accommodation of course) compared to 50 B&B guests under the Special Wedding Package.  

Or consider the Last Minute Wedding Package which requires fewer overnight, for weddings in next 6 - 7 months.

Also see Intimate Wedding Package for weddings of just 25 guests midweek.

There is a 25% reduction Sunday to Thursday in venue hire rates other than for the Breakfast Room.

Bridal Couple in lower gardens with backdrop of Craig y Nos Castle

Church Weddings

If you are marrying in a church, consider our Regular Tariff as you would not require the Opera House - this ceremony room is included in our Wedding Packages.

Remember that most churches tend to be further away from the Castle so you may require an 'evening only' / buffet only wedding reception to allow time for guests to get from the Church to the Castle.

Most Brides considering a church wedding end up choosing a wedding venue closer to the church.

This is because you may not be able to 'pick your own church', local to the castle.

It used to be you could only be permitted to marry in your local church, where you worship regularly. There is more flexibility nowadays but most church weddings still do require you to be a local worshipper.

We tell you this so you do not waste your time visiting us if we are too far away from your local church.

Before considering a wedding reception at the castle in combination with a church wedding, try out RAC route finder for distances / travel times from your church to the Castle (our post code is SA9 1GL).

As churches are becoming more flexible, you may find you can get married in a church closer to the castle after all, as opposed to being required to select one near to where you live.

We fall under ‘The Diocese of Swansea & Brecon’, see contact details here:

You cannot have a religious ceremony at a civil wedding venue. But you can have a religious Blessing separate from, and after, the Ceremony.

As the castle is a Civil Wedding Venue you have a registrars ceremony here and then if you like, a vicar can be arranged by you to come in afterwards and give you a blessing. This is legally quite separate from the Ceremony. Speak to the Registrar for advice on how this can be done.

We have had several couples marry in churches locally and then come to the castle afterwards. It is not always so easy arranging this if you do not live in the area.

TIP: If marrying in a church local to where you live now, ask yourself, will a church wedding work - distance wise - with your wedding reception at Craig y Nos Castle?

Small Intimate Weddings

For a small wedding you only need to hire the Conservatory for the day and evening. When hiring just ONE room, regular tariff may be best for you.

For Intimate Midweek Weddings starting at just 25 guests, see our Intimate Wedding Package here.

If you have only a handful of guests, we could offer you a ceremony only wedding - see below also. You can then add an evening meal at a party table in the function room, without hiring any rooms for your exclusive use.

OK, so this is not a wedding package, but a Baby Shower!  We had our first one in our Conservatory in 2018. See photos on our Baby Showers here.

We offer a self-catering option which includes the exclusive use of our Conservatory, Conservatory Kitchen serving area for your caterers to serve from but NOT to cook in, the Opera House for your Wedding Ceremony, and two large sitting rooms.

You have the use of all outside gardens and courtyard area for your wedding photographs. You are able to provide your own food and drinks, no corkage, but you or your caterers must comply with Environmental and Health & Safety regulations on the provision of food to guests - see self-catering terms here.

This package suits larger weddings wishing to do their own thing, in a large space all to themselves, and may work for smaller weddings that are below our wedding package minimum numbers. There is no accommodation usage requirement and you are free to use any of the castle's services, or not, as you choose.

For a 'Ceremony Only' Wedding with just a few family present, you may choose to hire just the Breakfast Room, only, for your Wedding Ceremony.

Or you may choose to hire the Summer House and Lower Gardens for a Ceremony Only Wedding, with seating for 40 guests in garden, or if weather poor, the mini Marquee seating 40 guests may be added if required for £100.

Small Bookings and 'Ceremony only' weddings in Breakfast Room may only be held mid-week so as not to clash with our Exclusive Use weekend weddings.

Summer House Ceremony Only Weddings may be held at weekends but you are restricted to the Lower Gardens and Summer House area - with its mini-Marquee (if hired).

For midweek Ceremony only Weddings you can benefit from all the Photo Opportunities the castle provides, inside and outside, enjoy the grounds, and the Country Park.

You can even stay the night before your wedding or on the day of your wedding, or stay two nights and enjoy great mid-week B&B discounts, subject to B&B availability. Mid-week you can enjoy a leisurely evening meal with close friends and family selecting from the regular bar menu, and turn your wedding into a very informal, cosy, mini-mid-week break / honeymoon combined!

We no longer offer Weekend Ceremony Only Weddings as we reserve weekends for exclusive use weekend wedding packages.

For weddings in the Summer House, you are only able to use the Lower Gardens and the Country Park, and of course our Summer House, for wedding photographs.

This is for small weddings who really want to have a Ceremony only, with the minimum of fuss, and to make it a nice family break for themselves and their closest relatives without the full costs and all the organisation required in a big wedding.

It's the Brecon Beacons equivalent of Gretna Green!  Quick, inexpensive, simple and easy.

See also

We have a very special deal for married couples wishing to celebrate their wedding Anniversary. So if you are already married (maybe you are looking at this site as a relative / parent of someone who is considering getting married), why not have a peek at our Wedding Anniversary Package!  Surprise your partner by arranging an impromptu anniversary party without them even knowing!

Welcome Drinks, Table Wine & Toasts
Wedding Drinks Package

There are three options for your Wedding Drinks Package:

Extra Services not listed on this page

If you require anything not listed on this page, an extra fee may be charged.

For any service not included in our Wedding Package or mentioned on this Tariff Page, we may be able to provide the service required for a fee, but not for free.

Everything Extra that involves additional time / work / staff hours above what is included in the packages, or additional special purchases, must be quoted for separately.

In most cases these are obvious areas where you will be employing your own Wedding Suppliers to set things up. For an idea of the suppliers you will need, see what is not included here.

Anything extra required of Castle Staff to support your wedding that is discussed verbally, where we suggest we can be of assistance, is not confirmed or agreed contractually until it is priced up, and added to your wedding account.

See 'optional extras page here' for key information about some extras that are not included in the Wedding Packages and which will be charged for by separate arrangement, if required.

For example, you may require us to help you with your Table Decor and Favours on the morning of your wedding, as your table decor company may not be available at the required set-up time (or you may be organising your own table decor).

Or you may prefer different combinations of chairs and furniture in the function rooms, compared to what they have in them currently. Note that the moving of chairs out of their regular positions, any other moving of furniture from their regular positions in the Castles' rooms, will incur a separate charge as it is an extra service.

Similarly bringing in non-standard sized alcoholic beverages / bottles, typically as table favours, will incur a Corkage rate specific to the size of bottle and strength (alcohol by volume) of beverage.

Many extra services may be offered by negotiation for a fee, but if involving extra staff hours they are not for free. Extra services are any services where extra staff time is required to be rota'd on specially to perform the required task.  

We will advise you of our fee for any extras you require, in advance, depending on your specific requirement for additional support and assistance from the Castle Staff above and beyond what is included within your Wedding Package.

Which Wedding Package?

(i) Weekend Wedding - Saturdays 70 guests at Wedding Breakfast, Fridays 60 guests at Wedding Breakfast, both with 50 guests overnight (guests pay for their own B&B)

(ii) Weekday Wedding - 50 guests at Wedding Breakfast, with 25 guests overnight (guests pay for their own B&B)

(iii) Last Minute Weddings- 50 guests at Wedding Breakfast, with 20 guests overnight (guests pay for their own B&B)

(iv) Ultimate Wedding Package with low overnight accommodation requirement. A fully comprehensive All-Inclusive Wedding Package aimed at large local weddings of 100 guests or more where most guests won't want to stay overnight. Requires a minimum of 100 guests to your wedding breakfast for free fully exclusive use of all function rooms.

(v) Weekend Exclusive Deal. V.I.P. All-inclusive 2 day Wedding Package. This is a full weekend all-inclusive Premium Wedding Package with full Exclusive use of the Castle for the whole weekend, with pretty much everything you’ll need in your chosen Wedding Venue, included.

When to opt for the Standard Tariff

1. Hire one function room instead of whole venue, for a smaller wedding

2. Hire no function rooms at all – just a table - for an intimate wedding of 10 to 15 people (mid-week Sun-Thurs only)

3. Church weddings where Ceremony room at castle not required - so you need only hire one room, however a wedding package will likely still work out better value.

4. Evening only receptions - choose a Buffet only option (without a formal wedding breakfast).

5. See also the Evening Entertainment Package for Evening Wedding Receptions.

6. 'Ceremony Only' Weddings - from as low as £500 if you hire the Breakfast Room for your Ceremony - mid-week only

  • Please see our new

to check which is the most suitable wedding package for your requirements, based on the size, day and date of your wedding.

  • Also see our

Wedding Package Tariffs with costs shown for each package based on your guest numbers.

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