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Family rooms, guest capacity per room and tariffs suggested for extra guests in a room

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Family Rooms
Additional guests above 2* in a family room
£35 PPPN (per person per night) B&B

1)   *Once above the 50 minimum usage quota on the Special Wedding Package, or above the relevant minimum overall occupancy level required under your wedding package, subsequent guests added to en-suites or family rooms above the first two guests in each en-suite room, are £35 PPPN B&B subject to (2) below.

2) An exception to (1) above applies where (A) there are greater than 50 adults staying in the en-suites and (B) there is capacity in the en-suites for greater than 50 adults based on the minimum of 2/ room @ £75/guest plus the TFFF/ AB15 4 X £75 adults exception.

To explain: Our en-suite stock varies according to which rooms are used by staff (Green Room is often used as a staff flat) and how we progress with adding new en-suites to the stock of rooms, a process which slowly progresses as former derelict rooms are converted into en-suites.

As of 2018, we have 24/25 en-suites and two of these, AB15, and TFFF, should be charged at 4 X £75 (if all adults), but if some are children then you have a minimum of 2 X £75 plus £35 PPPN for say, two further children.

So at 25 en-suites with minimum of 2 X £75 on 23 rooms and 4 X £75 in TFFF and AB15 (if all adults in these two rooms), you can currently go to 54 adults at £75 each rather than just the minimum of 50 X £75 on the SWP. As more en-suites get added, this will increase as you cannot go below 2 X £75 per en-suite room.

3)  Children are £35 PPPN, subject in turn to you reaching the minimum number of 50 X £75 on the Special Wedding Package.

4)   An Excel Spreadsheet 'Special Wedding Package room use monitor' (SRUM) is created for each wedding. It autosums £35/guest > 50 to the total sum due. If more than 50 guests are staying, the SRUM spreadsheet creates a correct B&B total for you.

5)    Any amount received that is less than the SRUM calculated total due, is payable by the Bride as 'top up'.

Example: If 55 guests stayed, this would be £3,750 for the first 50, and £175 for the 5 over 50, making £3,925.00 (subect to (2) above). Any shortfall is then paid by Bride and Groom. A shortfall should not occur except where guests have been under-charged, subsidised, or allowed to pay less than the Special Wedding Package B&B tariff for whatever reason.

Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 31 Duplex Bedroom
Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 31 The Duplex Lounge


Single occupancy and setting tariff for

family rooms - Bride to decide


1)   There are 25 en-suite rooms. If any are used for single occupancy, TWO family rooms at the castle can accommodate up to 4 X £75 in them (AB15 and TFFF) to allow B&G achieve the 50 @ £75 target.

2)   Only AB15 and TFFF are used for a 3 or 4 X £75 tariff, should any double en-suites be used as singles. Both these 'apartments' have two separate bedrooms, whereas AB25 and AB31 are more 'open plan'.

3)   Wedding Couples should avoid putting singles into doubles. This reduces capacity and can make the bride liable for a top-up so is not recommended. Singles are better placed in the non en-suite Nurses Block rooms or two singles could go as twins into selected family rooms.

Singles in AB15 / TFFF will each have 2 separate bedrooms; this keeps you at the minimum 2 X £75 PPPN per room.

4)   To avoid a top-up liability, singles in double en-suites are routinely charged at £150/ room, not £75/ room, so the 50 X £75 target can still be reached.

5)   It can be confusing for reception to know what to charge for the 'family rooms' as there are three possible variations.

(i) You may not be able to make full use of the family rooms and have some allocated to couples only, in effect wasting some beds.

(ii) Or you may use them for 4 adults @ £75 PPPN each (AB15 and TFFF only).

(iii) The more open-plan family rooms - AB25 and AB31 - should be used by families with children; the first two occupants are charged at the full £75 PPPN rate, and children at £35 PPPN.

Gatehouse Lounge Room AB25 at Craig y Nos Castle
Master Bedroom in the Gatehouse AB25 - first floor

6)  The pricing of the family rooms depends how you plan to use our available rooms collectively, to get to your 50 X £75 target. It is helpful if you plan this in advance and let us know.

7)   Reception will assume ALL en-suite rooms are charged at £150 for two, and en-suites will be charged at £150 for single occupancy.

8)   Reception will assume all family rooms to be charged at 2 X £75 plus £35 per guest > 2 unless advised otherwise.
AB15 and TFFF are an exception. These two rooms are charged at £150 for 4 adults OR a minimum of 2 adults X £75 plus £35 PPPN for children, or conceivably 3 X £75 for 3 adults and £35 PPPN for a child, etc.

9)   The Bride and Groom should ideally decide their guests' family room allocation in advance, and determine the tariff applicable for each of the family rooms based on the spread of guests.

Rates for family rooms may vary according to single occupancy 'pricing preferences' advised by the Bride. Changes may also need to be made if any double rooms are out of commission.

Wedding Couples' 'pricing preferences' may mean you wish charge a couple of double en-suite rooms at a single occupancy rate of £75 PPPN instead of the double room rate of 2 X £75 minimum.

This means you as the wedding couple can then either 'top-up' the shortfall yourself, OR you can arrange with us for adults in some family rooms to be charged more than the £35 PPPN normally charged > 2/ room.

TFFF and AB15 can take 4 X £75 but if the total room stock drops below 23, you may then not fit in 50 X £75 if some doubles are used as singles. In this event you may nominate other family rooms to be charged at £75 PPPN above the first 2, to achieve your quota of 50 X £75 to compensate for you nominating some doubles to be used for single occupancy at £75 PPPN.

However it is often simpler just to charge a minimum of £150 per double room whether occupied by a single or double, as the above can get complicated. That is why we will routinely charge £150/ room minimum, unless advised otherwise, to ensure you can meet quota.

10)   Brides ideally should advise guests in their invites, which rooms to book and at what tariff, if they have reserved rooms in the names of specific guests at specific rates.

11)   The doubles are all easy - being 2 X £75 - but a little forward planning is needed for best use of the half dozen or so family rooms.

12)   The family rooms are AB13, AB15, AB16, AB25, AB31, Theatre Green Room and TFFF.

Exceptionally, TFFF and AB15, as above, can be:

(i) 2 X £75 and some £35 extras,

(ii) used as twins with single occupancy of each double room within the 'apartment' @ £75 each , or

(iii) 3 X £75 or (iv) 4 X £75 etc.

13)   The Special
Wedding Package Room Use Spreadsheet (which you can download for room reserving and a copy of which we can send you on request to update you on your bookings) assumes 50 X £75 = £3,750 as a base point.

14)   If there are less than 50 X £75 on the Special Wedding Package, the shortfall is paid by Bride & Groom as a top-up. If there are more than 50 - SRUM spreadsheet automatically adds on £35 for each extra guest subjecct to (2) at the top of this page.

15)  Nurses Building: Sleeps 19 guests, at £35 B&B per head based on two sharing a double room. There is only ONE single room (NB11), so rooms 1-10 in the Nurses Block are all charged at £70/room whether you have two occupants or one occupant in the bedroom.

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