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3. Wedding Suppliers: Make a list with addresses and contact names

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Your Supplier's List - use professionals!

This will enable you to keep in touch with each wedding supplier. It can either be an index card system in order of company name, a simple address book, or a database on a computer. Obtain a copy of brochures and price lists from each supplier. Check out their websites.

Craig Y Nos Castle has an extensive list of some 160 local suppliers.

Click here to go alphatically through our wedding suppliers.

Create your own list of preferred suppliers' contact names, addresses, phone numbers. NB: we rarely make any recommendations on which particular suppliers to use as we find different personalities get on with different people.

Use the Professionals!!  

You may be tempted to use a friend for some services. Maybe you know someone who bakes a good cake, or who takes excellent pictures. Our advice is DO NOT entrust anything of primary importance to a friend (unless you are prepared to lose your friend).

If you know a friend whom you hear is a good photographer, by all means invite them to take some extra photographs - they may come up with some good pictures. However you must still hire a wedding photographer
to take the main pictures.

If you know someone who bakes an excellent cake, by all means employ them to help with some of the Favours - but hire a professional for the Wedding Cake.

If you know a good singer, invite them to sing a couple of songs but don't make them the primary musician.

Involve friends only in non-primary services and only use established suppliers for the primary services.

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