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Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Deal - Terms & Accommodation

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Craig y Nos Castle Wales Full Weekend Wedding Terms & Conditions

  • This is our Castle Wedding Packages - 'Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Deal, Terms & Conditions' for large weddings with high overnight accommodation needs that also want the night before, to get exclusive use of the Castle for two full days. .


Full Weekend Wedding Package
VIP Service


See what is included on your wedding day for a minimum of 70 guests*

and what is included on the Friday for a minimum of 70 guests

Your Weekend Wedding in a Castle

- Exclusively Yours

"We only allow one wedding a day
for it's your special day!"
Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedrooms
Wedding Venues South Wales - Duplex Lounge at Craig y Nos

Savings based on Guests
paying for their Accommodation

You block-book all the bedrooms (25 en-suites and 13 further budget rooms) for two nights for £5,900. This is £1,000 less than our discounted two-night B&B Tariff for 70 guests.  This block-booking at a discount to you, offers you further savings personally, as your guests fill the rooms and pay for their own B&B at regular tariff.

Your fixed rate of £5,900 secures all the rooms for the whole weekend. The more guests you have booking accommodation, the more you save on your Wedding. Your block-booking rate for all the rooms remains the same whether you have 50, 70 or 100 guests stay overnight. This means your guests’ B&B payments reduce what you personally pay for your wedding.

How you save
when Guests pay for their own B&B

Block-booking all the Accommodation at a fixed £5,900 for all the rooms for the whole weekend means you secure a rate £1,000 lower than the wedding B&B Tariff available to guests.

The regular wedding tariff for your guests in turn has a discount on the night before your wedding - half price! So your guests get a good deal as well.

As your fixed rate of £5,900 for all the rooms for TWO nights B&B remains the same regardless, whether you have 50, 70 or 100 guests stay overnight, the more guests you have to stay, each paying for their own accommodation, the more you can save on your Wedding.

However as the wedding package is for 70 guests, if you go above 70 guests staying, you will need to pay a top up for the extra guests attending your wedding reception.

Here is how it works. Under all our Wedding Packages the regular B&B tariff the first 50 Guests is £75 B&B for the wedding night’s accommodation and £35 for the night before, so £110 per guest based on two sharing an en-suite.

There are 25 en-suites, so we will accept 50 guests at £110 per person for two nights B&B based on two sharing an en-suite. This means your first 50 guests pay £5,500 for their B&B, so £5,500 comes off what you pay.

50 guests staying reduces your payment from £17,675 to £12,175 for this full Weekend, Exclusive Wedding Package.

When you have 70 guests stay two nights these 70 guests pay £6,900 for their own B&B. This reduces what you pay by a further £1,400, down to £10,775 for your two day Exclusive Wedding instead of £17,675.

To achieve 70 guests staying on the Friday, make full use of the Friday and hold a two-day wedding event.

NB: Your Weekend Wedding can either run over a Friday and Saturday, or over a Saturday and Sunday, in which case the Saturday would be used for the pre-wedding events.

For further ideas on holding a two-day Wedding Event see 'what you can do before the wedding day' here.


Guest B&B Example

B&B both nights for 70 guests,
using family rooms

The castle’s accommodation sleeps 100 guests. Have your guests book their own rooms with us at the regular wedding tariff. Your first 50 guests pay a total of £5,500 (50 X £110) in 25 en-suites.

Above 50 overnight, additional occupants sleep in family rooms or overflow into separate Budget accommodation - Nurses Block - at £35 per person per night.

So if you had 70 stay two nights, that is 20 extra guests paying a further £1,400 in B&B on top of the £5,500 for the first 50, making £6,900 in total.

70 guests staying two nights leaves you to pay £17,675 less £6,900 B&B paid by guests, so you have a balance of £10,775 to pay for your two-day, full weekend wedding package worth £26,919.

Alternatively you may choose to offer your guests a lower B&B rate, to subsidise your guests' room rate, as you are paying a lower fixed price for all the accommodation than the 70 guests are paying. However if you have fewer than 70 guests staying, you will not fully use the accommodation to best effect. Your Wedding Planner can explain how this works.

If you anticipate more than 70 guests staying - see our Tariff and Room options for guests here. More guests may stay for the night of the wedding than the night before. The Rooms Options link above will help you plan who goes into which room.

You can also use the SRUM Special Room Use Planner here  to plan which guests can share family rooms.

Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedrooms
Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedroomsm 11


Terms & Conditions


  • Minimum of 70 Guests for the pre-wedding Event and Evening Meal on the day before your wedding, and a minimum 70 day guests and 100 evening guests for the Wedding Day on the Saturday.

  • Your wedding has 'Full Exclusive use' of the whole Castle Day & Evening, including the 25 en-suite rooms in the castle, and the Budget Nurses Building rooms. As well as the Castle function rooms, all the bedrooms are also exclusive to you, on this full Weekend Wedding Package.

    Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room Gatehouse AB25 master bedroom
    Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedrooms

    - Tariff & Financial Aspects -

    • Extra Day Guests on the Wedding Day above first 70: If you wish to increase your Day Guests the cost is £87.50 per person up to 100 guests.

    • Above 100 guests the Evening Buffet at £17 / head needs adding, making the rate £104.50 per extra Guest.

    • Extra Evening Guests on the Wedding Day above first 100: Should you wish to have more 'evening only' guests, the cost is £17 per extra person for the evening buffet.

    • Extra Guests on the Friday Evening:  If you wish to have more than 70 Guests on the Friday evening, the cost is £25 / guest above the first 70.

    • You contract directly with the DJ for the Evening Entertainment on the Wedding Day. The DJ charges £600. The DJ is paid direct by you and the amount he charges is deducted from the balance of your £17,675 Full Package rate, so you end up paying the Castle £17,075 and the DJ £600.

    • To Book the DJ, you pay him a deposit of £200, with the balance payable before the wedding date in accordance with the DJ's terms.  Scroll down from DJ availability 2021 to verify the date is available.

    Continue reading below picture for more...

      Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room AB28 bathroom
      Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room AB28 bedroom

      - Accommodation Guidelines -

      • £5,900 of this Package rate covers your Guests' and your own B&B for the whole weekend and £1,750 covers the evening meal for 70 guests on the day before your wedding.

      • The B&B element of £5,900 covers all accommodation for two nights B&B irrespective of numbers staying. You may invite between 50 and 100 of your guests to stay overnight. The maximum accommodation capacity is 100. See our accommodation guidance notes here to understand how guests may be allocated to the available bedroom stock.

      • You may ask your guests to book their accommodation with you, or to book with the castle direct using this form.

      • You could even have your guests pay you direct an amount of your own choosing for their rooms, or you could even offer your guests free accommodation - this is your choice. However we recommend your guests book and pay for their rooms direct with the castle at the current wedding B&B tariff. This allows you to make further savings on your Wedding Package.

      • When your guests book their rooms at the regular wedding tariff, a greater value in B&B income may be collected from your Guests than your contracted £5,900 booking for all our accommodation. This depends on numbers staying.

      • When we receive B&B or D, B&B bookings and income from your Wedding Guests, their collective B&B payments made to the castle are rebated against your Wedding Package total due.

      • Provided guests pay for their own B&B and provided there is no added discount offered by you to your guests, the standard two night rate for wedding nights for the first 50 overnight guests is £75 PPPN B&B. This is based on two sharing an en-suite room on the night of your wedding. There's a reduced rate of £35 PPPN the night before your wedding if the guest is staying in the same room two consecutive nights. Extras above the first 50 guests are £35 per person per night B&B.

      • The Dinner on the night is before your wedding is £25 Per Person. This is a further item you may ask us to charge your guests for.  The Friday evening meal for all your guests is included within your Wedding Package.

      • You can pre-allocate rooms to your guests in advance and give us a list of who is sleeping where, or you can let guests book into rooms of their choice according to availability. If you pre-allocate guests into the most suitable rooms for them, you will need to supply us with a completed SRUM 48 hours before the wedding date. This is how you advise us exactly who is in each room, for fire and safety purposes. We will also require a list of guests' phone numbers and addresses for all guests staying.

        - Minimum Numbers & Extras -

        • This Wedding Package covers a minimum of 70 Day Guests at your wedding on the Saturday and 100 Evening Guests for the Evening Buffet.

        • Extra Day guests above the 70 minimum up to 100 may be added at a Rate per Day Guest of £87.50, comprising the unit cost of the three-course wedding breakfast, the Welcome Drinks and Castle Wedding Banquet Drinks Package, chair-covers, and Canapes.

        • Above 100, add £17 for the Evening Buffet also, making £104.50 per guest > 100, for guests attending both the wedding banquet and the evening buffet.

        • Extra Evening Guests above the 100 minimum, who are not attending the Wedding Banquet (so are evening only), may be added at a Rate per Evening Guest of £17.00 per head for the Evening Buffet.

        • Should you have lower numbers than the Package minimum, you can opt to pay a 'top-up' for the balance to secure this Wedding Deal.
        Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedrooms

        What you can do the day before your wedding
        to create
        a full two day Castle Wedding Event

        A lot of our Wedding Couples want exclusive use the night before their wedding as well, and our full Weekend Package and our Last Minute Wedding Package both allow for this, subject to availability. To be sure of good accommodation usage on the night before, you could organise a pre-wedding event, a local tour, or an interesting activity or activities.

        For bookings within the next 6 months or winter weddings, the Last Minute Wedding Package may allow you to reserve rooms the Night Before your wedding if the night before has no wedding booked, or if the night before's wedding has low accommodation use (such as another small Last Minute wedding).

        For bookings > 6 months ahead, the Weekend Exclusive Deal allows you to secure all our Accommodation the night of your wedding and the night before your wedding.  You should only book the Full Weekend Package if you are going to make something significant of the day before your wedding, to encourage all your guests to make a full two day break of it.

        If you have a Saturday wedding, then the day before your wedding will be the Friday, and if you have a Sunday wedding, then the day before your wedding will be the Saturday.  

        Here are some suggestions for the 'day before' activities:

        1. Ghost Tour (max 30 guests).

        2. Scenic steam train railway trip on the Brecon Beacons Mountain railway for your Wedding Party.

        3. Gorge Walking Adventure - best in summer, for the young and active!

        4. Breath-taking Beach Walks with plenty of fresh sea air and a pubby meal on the Gower.

        5. Outing to the fascinating Museum of Welsh Life near Cardiff'.

        6. Quad biking, Archery and numerous other outdoor activities for the more adventurous.

        7. Tour of local attractions, numerous places to see here - including

        driving tour of Elan Village Reservoirs, with excellent tourism area at Elan Village telling the story of this area, and numerous other suggestions on this page.  

        You could consider laying on a group trip to one of these attractions and this would certainly make your wedding more of an event for your guests. None of these attractions are expensive and many are free, such as Elan Village and (aside from £2.00 or so parking) the Museum of Welsh Life.

        If you are planning a one-day Wedding, with very few staying the night before, then see our one-day Wedding Packages. With a one day Saturday Wedding option, note that someone else will probably book the Friday for their wedding, meaning you will not be able to secure many rooms for your guests the night before your wedding.
        Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedrooms
        Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle

        Approved Entertainers
        - select from any of the following Suppliers

        The Castle has arranged special rates with Approved Entertainers on the day before your wedding, and with the Florist and Table Decor Company on your Wedding Day. Approved Suppliers offering reduced rates specially arranged by the Castle include:

        The day before your wedding - Suggestions:

        • DJ Pure - if you want to start the party a day early.

        • Table Magician - for a quieter evening event, where your guests may gather around at dinner tables chatting, and having the time to enjoy an hour or so of Table Magic.

        • See more ideas on what you can do here. Build your Wedding into a fantastic Two-Day Weekend Wedding Event for all your guests!  With only a little extra effort, your wedding can be truly unique and exceptional, putting all other weddings your guests have ever attended into the shade by comparison. See this link on how your wedding can be the best and most unforgettable of them all - a stag party, a hen party, and a pre-wedding party and a wedding, all rolled into one.

        Wedding Day Suggestions:

        • Florist - Centre of Attention - very good discounted rates apply.

        Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle Bedrooms
        Full Weekend Exclusive Wedding Package South Wales Castle

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