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Why & How the Wedding Package Deals work

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The Special Wedding Package (SWP) is our most popular Wedding Package. It is best value if your guests need to stay the night, provided you have at least 50 guests wishing to stay over.

We also have Last Minute Weddings

For smaller weddings, where there are fewer guests and / or fewer than 50 wishing to stay overnight, the 'Bespoke Regular' wedding tariff
would apply, or you could check out our .

Compared with the Regular Tariff, the Special Wedding Package gives you a saving of over £3,000 above 50 guests. The incentive created by the savings on larger numbers may encourage you to have a larger wedding. Craig y Nos Castle is one of the larger wedding venues in South Wales and is ideally suited to larger wedding parties.

Up to and including 2009, we only offered our 'regular tariff'. This is shown on the next page and works out at more per head once you factor in the evening buffet, venue hire, welcome drinks and the wedding breakfast. Regular tariff weddings were quite normal in 2007-8, before the economic downturn. Weddings were larger, budgets were higher, and we would frequently see sums of £15,000 to £20,000 spent with us on a single wedding day, including all the accommodation and bar sales, but not including all the additional wedding suppliers.

Given the Special Wedding Package is around one third the cost of the regular tariff, you might ask, "how come we are able to offer such a good Deal?"

Mainly it is in response to the economy and 'averages'. Our Weekend Wedding Package
discourage small weddings (which there is a trend towards as couples seek to save money), in favour of set minimum numbers. We may earn less on the larger weddings but our average income per wedding remains the same, because small weddings are encouraged to scale up to get a discounted wedding package.

In 2010 we introduced a 'free wedding' deal where guests paid £100 or so per head, to include DB&B, the dinner element paying for the wedding breakfast. This left the couple with nothing to pay for the wedding breakfast or the venue hire, if they had 50 guests or more. The 'free wedding' deal was popular, though couples sometimes found their guests were reluctant to pay the £95-£100 per head tariff, for dinner, bed and breakfast, to include the wedding breakfast.

A way around this was for the wedding couple to pay the food element only, with the wedding guest only paying the B&B element. This became our Special Wedding Offer Deal, since renamed the Special Wedding Package

Most of our weddings are now on the Special Wedding Package. Our income was broadly similar despite the discounting as we're encouraging larger weddings and/ or full B&B use. Under the regular tariff, couples were, from 2009 onwards, reducing numbers from 80 - 130 down to 30's and 40's for their wedding breakfast. Couples then invited a higher number for the evening 'do' to save money on the wedding breakfasts.

You may have thought of doing the same. Don't be tempted - it doesn't work!

Why not?

Because of our location, most evening guests fail to turn up, leaving you paying for an evening buffet most of which goes uneaten.

So when our wedding tarrif was higher, the castle was losing income due to lower numbers at weddings.  

Because many guests invited for the 'evening only' didn't show up, we saw a pattern where wedding breakast numbers were reduced as a couple saved money but 'no-shows' for the evening caused a further reduction in guests. This reduced our bar income, while food the couple had paid for went uneaten.

With the Wedding Package Deals we encourage couples to increase their numbers. With more guests staying overnight, and more guests overall, the income from bar sales increases.

We gain the guarantee of 50 X £75.00 on the B&B, as you have 50 guests staying over. This gives us an income of £3,750.00 on B&B. Pre-recession, we would have had this anyway, but B&B spend has been dropping post recession, so the Wedding Package addresses this by asking you to get 50 guests staying overnight, in return for free venue hire.

Once lots of guests are staying the night, there is no fear of drink drive, so we gain a reasonable bar income from guests who can drink more, and drink later into the night because they are staying over. This really livens up the party and extends it.

Wedding Couples find their Wedding continues late into the night, where before Brides and Grooms were finding the evening drawing prematurely to a close as their guests made their excuses and drove home.

So though the cost to you is about one third of the regular tariff (see following comparison pages) the Deal makes as much sense to us as it does to you, as the overall income per wedding, averaged out, remains much the same due to the minimum numbers required and the B&B use. Our weekend Wedding Packages encourage higher numbers with more staying overnight.

The Wedding Packages are in response to the need for us to offer good deals. Certainly your money goes a lot further now than it would have done six years ago.  

Where you might have downsized at full tariff, now you can afford the wedding of your dreams with ALL your guests attending for the whole day - at much less than the cost few years back.

There is no need to have a separate evening guest list (most won't show anyway); invite everyone you really want to your wedding day, for the whole day. You may as well make the most of having the castle wedding venue exclusively yours for the whole day!

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