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View Craig y Nos Castle & bring your Referral Gift Card


Referral Gift Card Terms & Conditions

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Terms for Referrer:

A very Special Gift Awaits
- for a Lucky Couple you know

If you are reading this page,
you must be in possession of a Gift Card.

Please be selective with who you pass this Gift Card on to,

1. If you have passed a referral card to a prospective wedding client who subsequently books their wedding at Craig y Nos Castle valued in excess of £7,500 you will receive 2 consecutive nights B&B for two people in a double en-suite (value £255.00) for free providing they bring the original referral card completed with your name and email address/ phone number to their first appointment at the Castle.

2. You may refer multiple prospective clients if issuing multiple referral gift cards.

3. You may not refer the same wedding prospect multiple times.

4. You may take your B&B stay on any available B&B dates shown here.

5. Our 2 Night DBB offer is subject to availability and whilst it may be available over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day, can only be used as a £255 credit to your total booking as different Xmas B&B & Dinner rates apply.

6. If you need more GIFT CARDS or wish to refer a Couple to us and need some Gift Cards, then go here.

7. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Aberdare Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle
Referral Gift Card

for Wedding Couple to read...

Book your first viewing at the castle below to qualify for your Free Gift when you book your wedding with us.

Choose a time to visit us from the calendar but you MUST complete the viewing form only on this page to qualify for your free gift.

Our address is Craig y Nos Castle, Brecon Road, Swansea Valley, Powys SA9 1GL.  Set sat nav to post code SA9 1GL.

Terms for Wedding Couple Referred:

1. If you have received a Referral Gift Card and you enquire using the form on this web page and subsequently book your wedding at Craig y Nos Castle for in excess of £7,500 value (inclusive of Wedding Guest B&B on the wedding night) you will receive the free gift showing on your referral card.

2. You must bring the Referral Gift Card to the Castle at your first appointment.

3. No cash equivalent.

4.  (a) Where Card has no Named Supplier:
You can go to any Supplier in the category of Supplier specified. Up to the value stated on the Referral Gift Card (face value is typically £500) will be reduced from your wedding account upon proof of payment towards the relevant wedding supplier of your choice. This means we will credit your Wedding Account (essentially reducing your balance to us) by the value on the card upon confirmation that the monies have been paid, such as a copy of a paid receipt and/or invoice from a bonafide “supplier”.

4.  (b) Where the Card specifies a Named Supplier:
Where the value is shown in excess of £500, and the front of the card specifies a named Supplier, the above will apply and any extra amount stated will be either paid, discounted or reduced from the named supplier's final invoice directly. For example a card offering £650 from a named supplier means that the first £500 will be actioned as at 4 (a) above, and the remaining balance (typically £150 but the extra amount may vary according to the supplier) will be discounted, reduced or refunded off the invoice for the service from the named supplier.

5. You must be over 18 years of age

6. This offer is only open to prospective wedding customers who have not booked their wedding.  

7. If you have been linked to this page from another website, and have not been given a physical gift referral card, you will need to print a card off the Gift Cards page, Choose a card that matches the Supplier category you want. Bring this to your viewing.

8. Only one referral gift may be claimed per wedding booking.

9. Our address is Craig y Nos Castle, Brecon Road, Swansea Valley, Powys SA9 1GL

10. The final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions rests with SelClene Ltd, owners of Craig y Nos Castle.

11. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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A very Special Gift Awaits
- for a Lucky Couple you know

The Gift Referral Card you hold in your possession typically has a combined value of £755, being £255 to the referrer in B&B value, and £500 to the Couple in monetary value to a relevant supplier.

Only a few of these cards have been printed and using the QR code on it, you have reached a secret, hidden page on the website.

If you stayed at the castle a Gift Card may have been left in your room. Or you may have been given a Gift Card by a Supplier. Only a handful of selected Wedding Suppliers have been approved to hand out a few of these cards.

The Gift Card now in your possession should not be put to one side and forgotten, nor should it be casually discarded, as only a few exist. Please pass it on to someone you know who can use it.

Review From: Caitlan & Callum Date: Tuesday, 28 November 2023 at 10:22 Subject: Re: CONGRATULATIONS!! No worries at were all absolutely fabulous and nothing was too big of an ask for any of you, you really made our day special, thank you doesn’t even cut it❤️

I’m not sad the day is over, because it went absolutely perfect so I wouldn’t want to do it again in case something was perfect❤️ what I am sad about is, is the fact that we may not see each other now for a while if ever, of course we will be there for anniversaries or ghost tours but it’s if you’re there. I do believe we all developed a bond and friendship, especially with you, Michaela and Beth, so it’s sad that we may never catch up. In case we don’t, just know Callum and I, and the rest of my family wish you all every happiness for the future❤️

Of course feel free to use any pictures that I’ve uploaded to Facebook for advertising or however you see fit, I’m more than happy for you to use Mike’s or my own for anything. Anything on my Facebook, or anything my family or friends have uploaded, feel free to use. I will of course send you more photos as I get them. Yes of course I will leave a review on all platforms, TripAdvisor/Google etc! If you know of any other platforms that would help you out let me know! I have every intention to once things slow down a is on my list of things to do lol❤️  Once again, thank you all so so much, and I really hope we can catch up sometime❤️  Take care, lots of love from us all, Caitlan, Callum & Family xxxx

Please bookmark this page.

Otherwise if you leave this page

you may not find your way back!

Or use the card to relink to this page.

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Swansea Conservatory Wedding Breakfast pale yellow ribboned chair covers

Named Suppliers

Some Gift Cards allow you to choose any Supplier in a given category. The value of these cards is typically £500. Some cards may be worth less.

Some cards, rarely, are for a higher value, but only where a further contribution is being made by a named supplier.

Current Named Suppliers are:

1. Simply Elegant £650 card – launched 07/02/2024. Expires (no exp. date specified). £500 is gifted from Craig y Nos Castle by way of a deduction from your wedding bill of £500, upon proof of payment received by ‘Simply Elegant’ of £500 or more. The top up value of £150 will be gifted to you by Simply Elegant, by way of a deduction from their final invoice, provided the total amount you spend with Simply Elegant equals or exceeds the sum of the Gift Card’s value, being in this example, £650.

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