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Scan and Print a Gift Card, refer a Client, Stay 2 nights free


Gift Cards:

for new
- print out your own cards

Refer a Wedding Couple to Craig y Nos Castle and if they book their wedding with us as a result of your referral, you stay two nights B&B free - See available dates.

Or, if you are a guest of the Couple's wedding, you would be able to stay at the wedding free.

Gift Cards
For Private Referrers

How it Works

1. Copy / scan and print off both sides of one of the cards on this page - choose whatever your wedding couple would like. If they want £500 towards a photographer of their choice, choose the photographer card. If they want £500 off a DJ of their choice, print one of the DJ cards. If they want a wedding decor company or florist paid for, print the wedding florist card. For live entertainment, print one of the live entertainment cards.

2. Ideally you need a wedding couple in mind first. Ask them which service they would like a gift card applied to, and print a card for the service they wish to use.

3. Give your wedding Couple the gift card. Enter yourself as the referrer, completing the reverse of the card with you as the referrer, before handing the card over.

4. The wedding couple scan the QR code on the card. They must book their first viewing via the form on the Gift Terms page.

5. If the wedding couple then book their wedding at Craig y Nos Caste, you as the 'referrer' can stay two nights B&B free at the castle.

6. The Couple must comply with the terms on the Gift Terms page in order to validate the card for both your B&B stay and their £500 gift. See terms for Couple on Gift Terms Page.

7. The main terms are the wedding has to be of a value over £7,500 including all guest accommodation on the wedding day, and also the Couple need to view the venue as a direct result of being handed the card. This is why it is so important they book their viewing via the form on the gift terms page, as otherwise they will not qualify for the gift and you will not qualify for the free B&B stay.

8. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Gift Terms for
Wedding Couple

If you are a Wedding Couple who have not yet chosen a wedding venue, and have not yet been to visit the Castle, nor made an enquiry of the Castle, you may qualify to receive £500 towards a Wedding Supplier of your choice.

If you have been referred to this page, or linked to here, take the two steps below now.

1. Check if you qualify for £500 towards a supplier of your Choice. Go to Gift terms page here and please read terms carefully, so you know how to correctly claim on the Gift Card.

2. Complete a viewing request form here and book your viewing at the castle.

These cards, when in the right hands, are worth £755, comprising

1. £255 in B&B to either the referrer or direct to you as the wedding couple*, and

2. £500 in fees for a wedding supplier, to you as the wedding couple.

3. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

*If you have been handed a physical card by a 'referrer' whose details are shown on the card, then the £255 B&B is for the referrer and the £500 towards the Supplier is your 'Gift' from the referrer (subject of course to terms here).

If you have been handed a card with no referrer name on reverse, or followed a link to this secret part of the website, without being given a card, then the full £755 of value goes to you as the Wedding Couple if you follow the terms.
Referrer - Print your Own

Gift Cards Reverse Side

Copy the cards, print as many cards as you wish. Refer as many Couples to the castle for their wedding as you can!

Print the back of the card, and attach the front part of the card to it, selecting Wedding Supplier Category of your choice.

1. Copy card and download onto your computer

2. Print one reverse side and one front side for each Couple you wish to refer

3. Choose front side according to whichever Wedding Supplier category the Couple want a gift towards.


Direct Couple to the Gift Terms page here - explains how they can redeem the card.

Remind Couple they must book their first viewing of the castle using the viewing request form on the Gift Terms page - accessed via QR code on card.

Add your name and postcode and phone number to the reverse of the card. If you do not do this, you might give out cards without your details on them.

How to Claim £755 per card -

Referred Couple

Choose which Gift your Couple would like.

Do they want £500 off cost of Photography, or Wedding Dress, or Florist and Decor, or off DJ cost, or off another category of Supplier, such as Live Entertainment?

If in doubt print one of each card, show options to your referred wedding couple, and give them ONE of the fronts, with your details on reverse of the card, attached.

The Wedding Couple will have you as the referrer, and must present the card to us on arrival for their first viewing at the castle.  

They will then get £500 towards the cost of their chosen supplier, off cost of their wedding, see Gift Terms for Couples here.

You get £255 worth of B&B if they book - see Gift Terms for Referrers here.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Gift Cards

How Gift Cards work
- Key info for Suppliers
Gift Card - Why?
(1) Do you Supply a service to Wedding Couples?

(2) Would you like us to pay £500 towards your service?

If yes, could you become a Referrer? Move to next slide...
Could I become a 'Referrer'?
Do you meet Couples in the course of your business, BEFORE they have chosen a Wedding Venue?

If yes, move to next slide.
What 7 Words could earn you £500?
"Have you seen Craig y Nos Castle yet?"

Whisper this in the right Couple's ear, and you can almost offer your service for free!
We Gift £500 off your service if you refer a Couple to Castle
If you meet a couple who have not yet chosen a venue, hand them a Gift Card.

NB. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

If they visit and book their wedding with us, we deduct £500 off a wedding with us, to go towards the Supplier Service shown on card.

* Example shown is just ONE of many different Suppliers we can print cards for.
What if they use a different Supplier?
If you've 'sold' your service to the Couple, then they will use your service.

Or you can become a 'Named Supplier' so only YOUR name goes on the card.

Read more next slide...
What is a 'Named Supplier'?
A Named Supplier is where we put your name on the card instead of 'any supplier' -

e.g. we put "£500 towards XYZ Photography", specifically, instead of "£500 towards Photography" generally
How do I become a 'Named Supplier'?
Add an amount off your own service, to add value to the card. Makes Card more likely to be used.

If you added £150 to our £500, Gift Card front then shows a higher value of £650. See example in picture.
How do I get the £500 value cards NOW?
You can print your own by choosing your 'Supplier Category' off the cards page.

Choose a card with your specific service on. Copy & print Front & Reverse.

Add to Social media etc.
How do I get Cards in my own name for a higher value?
We are keen on you becoming a Named Supplier. You add extra £value to the card. This raises card's overall value - and your commitment.

We'll design & print 100 cards for you specifically. Email to arrange this.
What if I have no cards on me and see a Couple?
What if you find yourself speaking to a Couple, who have not chosen a venue, but have no cards on you?

ANS: take their name and email address, then send them a copy of the Gift Card by email. Copy card from our Gift Cards Page.
What is total value of the Card?
A £500 Gift Card has a total value of £755 comprising £255 in B&B to the referrer and £500 off your service to the Couple.

Or you can increase Card Value up to £905 total value if you upgrade to 'Named Supplier'.

E..G. £150 added to our £500 makes front of card Gift worth £650. Then add in the £255 B&B for the referrer - makes card worth £905 inclusive of £255 B&B element.
Gift Cards - Be Selective
The Gift Card only has a value to the recipient if they have not chosen a venue yet.

They must not have been in contact with Craig y Nos Castle. The Couple must meet terms below.

Card is very valuable so Wedding Couple must qualify as a Gift Card referral.
When do I get paid
£500 is paid to you by the Couple per your terms.

The Couple present us with your receipt as proof of payment.
We deduct £500 from total bill we present to Couple for their wedding,

Means we discount their wedding, by £500 worth of your service, once we've seen a receipt from you.
A select few Local Suppliers may opt to become Ambassador Referrers.

Ambassadors simply arrange viewings with Couples at the castle to discuss their service. This combines a viewing of the castle with a discussion of your service, at our venue.

Ask us about becoming an Ambassador if you regularly meet Couples who have not chosen their venue.
Gift Cards could Boost Your Business
Whenever you are talking to a Couple who have not picked their venue, offer them £500 off your service, if they view and book Craig y Nos Castle from your referral.

Send any couples in our direction - EITHER with a card physically in their hand, OR with the card as an image on their phone.

Have them read the TERMS via QR code, first!
Earn up to £1000
simply by referring Wedding Couples
for a Castle viewing & booking!

Craig y Nos Castle in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales, half way between Swansea and Brecon, postcode SA9 1GL, is inviting selected Wedding Suppliers to join our Affiliate Marketing program. If you see Couples before they have selected a wedding venue, you may be in a position to refer Couples considering a destination wedding venue, to Craig y Nos Castle.

We host around 100 weddings a year, and have accommodation for up to 80 guests in en suites, and a further 20 in non-en suite rooms. Our Affiliate Program comprises two elements:

1. Affiliate Suppliers: We gift £500 to the Couple, to go specifically towards your service, if the Couple choose our venue and choose you as a service supplier at our venue. Details of the Gift card offer can be found above.

You will see we require Couples to complete a form on the Gift Terms page to qualify for the Gift. However we have found Couples are not booking appointments of their own volition as required under the scheme, and so ideally we need the Supplier to book the appointment for them.

2. Ambassador Suppliers: We offer a commission to Wedding Suppliers under a separate ‘Ambassador Supplier’ scheme comprising the £500 as above, towards your service at the venue, if the couple choose you as their supplier, PLUS a further £500 for generating an appointment with our Wedding Planner to view the Castle that then leads to a booking. This upper level of commission is specifically, and only, for 3 packages – the VIP two day two night wedding package, the Ultimate Wedding Package and the Saturday Wedding Package. See Weekend Package for the full weekend package and also see Ultimate Wedding Package

As an Ambassador for the Castle, you will make the appointment for the Couple to see our Wedding Planner, and may choose to attend yourself, with the Couple, to finalise the use of your service at the venue.

If interested in becoming either an Affiliate Supplier or an Ambassador Supplier, please email me privately on Martin.

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue
Enjoy a Homely Welcome and Friendly Service at Craig y Nos Castle
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