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2017 Tariff comparison with all our local South Wales 'competitors'

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We continually check our competitor's prices and their Wedding Packages so you don't have to
1. Welcome Drinks: Some venues have not shown Welcome Drinks as a separate item, but instead quote an inclusive price for welcome drinks, wine on tables, toasting wine etc. This makes a direct comparison impossible. In most cases the combined drinks package is more than ours, but for simplicity we've assumed their 'Welcome Drinks' in isolation are £5.00/ head, same as ours. These 'assumed' £5.00 / head entries are shaded in light green in the 'welcome drinks' column.

2. We offer exclusive use but few other venues will offer exclusive use or even be able to. Some venues may have more than one wedding on the same day, or other guests on their premises. Some may have a supplementary charge for exclusive use which is NOT shown in the chart below (one for example charges £2,000 extra for exclusive use but this is not shown in the table below).

3. Exclusive Use Hire comparison: We did not compare each venue's 'exclusive use' fee against our own. We offer discounted (or free, on the Last Minute Wedding Package) exclusive use, but as exclusive use is not universally available, it is not possile to make a comparison against other venues' exclusive use fees where exclusivity is not offered. Where exclusive use IS offered, it is generally at a premium rate and certainly not as standard. Exclusive use fees are often more than the individual competitor room hire rates shown.
Some people think it is expensive to get married at Craig y Nos Castle and are then surprised at how affordable we are.

We do regularly check our rates against competitors, and whilst it is not our intention to be the cheapest, our rates are, on our package deals, generally lower than or similar to our competitors.

Our objective is to offer Brides 'Best Value' and under our Last Minute Wedding Package our rates are generally unbeatable. Some venues you will observe are charging £2,000 or even £3,000 more!

Some competitors may have 'deals' we have not found, or introduce deals after this comparison was done. Some may have extras within their packages we have not spotted. Also we may not know of any 'last minute deals' introduced later in the year. To verify savings, check if the other venue is offering any 'deals' in the same time frame.

Anyone who finds any inaccuracy in the below, please email martin.gover@craigynoscastle.com with the corrections and I will add updates to this page.

Same Rate for 2018, 2019 & 2020

The comparison is based on 50 guests. Savings under our Last Minute, Midweek and Weekend Special Wedding Packages against the competitors' published 2017/18 tariff were accurate as of 29/08/2017 for the 2018 year. A 'per guest rate' is also shown for each venue, based on 50 guests.

Other venues may be more expensive in 2019 and each year, everyone's rates will go up. Meanwhile our 2018-2020 rates are the same for each year. This is unique to Craig y Nos Castle as most venues increase their rates for each year.

For simplicity, we make it our policy to offer the same per head rate for the wedding breakfast and welcome drinks for all weddings, for all years. All prior bookings remain 'locked in' on the old rate that you secured when you book, even if rates are increased subsequently.

This means you can - right now - book a 2019 or 2020 wedding at Craig y Nos Castle at 2018 rates.  

Total for
50 Guests
Amount per
Offers we found for Last Minute deals, Fridays, Weekdays etc
Craig y Nos Castle (LMWP)£2000.00£750.00£250.00£0.00£0.00£3000.00£60.00Last Minute Wedding Package (dates up to 31/05/2018)
Craig y Nos Castle (Midweek)£2500.00£750.00£250.00£0.00£0.00£3500.00£70.00Mid-week wedding package
Craig y Nos Castle (Friday)£2500.00£750.00£250.00£0.00£0.00£3500.00£70.00Weekend - Friday Wedding
Craig Y Nos Castle (Saturday)£2500.00£750.00£250.00£1000.00£0.00£4500.00£90.00Weekend - Saturday Wedding
The Angel Inn - Abergavenney£2,700.00£1200.00£250.00£1200.00£380.00£5730.00£114.60£84.00 Mwk
Broadway Country House£1397.50£650.00£175.00£250.00£250.00£2722.00£54.44
Bryngawr House£6180.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£6180.00£123.60Min 100 guests, canapes, 3 drinks per person plus Bridal Suite
Bryn Meadows£2500.00INCLINCL£400.00£600.00£3500.00£70.00Reduces to £60pp midweek
Buckland Hall£2850.00INCLINCLINCL£5750.00£8600.00£172.00Min 60 guests, 4 course plus canapes
Hire reduces to £3750 midweek
Caer Beris Manor£2000.00£948.00£248£5000INCL£8195.00£163.90Winter Reductions £143.90 pp
Coed Y Mwstr Hotel£2297.50£898.00£265.00INCLINCL£3460.00£69.20
Cawdor Hotel£3125.00INCL£247.50INCL£500.00£3872.50£77.45Min 95/60 Midweek
£62.50 Mwk
Court Colman Manor£2250.00£1000.00£330.00£400INCL£3980.00£79.60Bridal Suite Included
Cwrt Bleddyn£2000£900.00INCL£5000INCL£7900.00£158.00
Min 75 Guests
Fforest Weddings£2750.00INCL£175.00INCL£3500.00£6425.00£128.50
No 'Offers' noticed
Glen-Yr-Afon£7995.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£7995.00£159.90No 'Offers' noticed
Glyn Clydach Hotel - Neath£2350.00INCLINCLINCL£300.00£2650.00£53.00No 'Offers' noticed
Grand Hotel Swansea£2520.00INCL£197.50INCLINCL£2717.50£54.35
No 'Offers' noticed
King Arthur£3200.00£975.00£247.50INCL£350.00£4772.50£95.45Min 70 guests - Midweek £85.90
Llangoed Hall£3500.00£450.00£500.00INCL£650.00£5100.00£102.00No 'Offers' noticed
Llechwen Hall£2100.00£1200.00£423.00£1250.00£220.00£5192.50£103.85
Liberty Stadium£1325.00£600.00£250.00INCL£300.00£2475.00£49.50No 'Offers' noticed
Maes Manor£3450.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£3450.00£69.99Bridal Suite Incl
Margam Park£2395.50£950.00£435.00INCLINCL£3780.50£75.61No 'Offers' noticed
Marriott Hotel -  See Note (1)£4195.00INCLINCLINCL£250.00£4445.00£88.90Lots of freebies included
Miskin Manor£2650.00£600.00£297.50£680.00£740.00£4967.50£99.35No 'Offers' noticed
Norton House Hotel£1875.00£650.00£305.00INCL£275.00£3105.00£62.10
No 'Offers' noticed
Oldwalls - Gower£2450.00£497.50£250.00£7400.00INCL£10597.50£211.95Min 80, Fireworks - Lots of Freebies - Bridal Suite - Complete Exclusivity - Midweek £169.95 - Winter Discounts
Ocean View Windmill £8801.50INCLINCLINCLINCL£8801.50£176.03Midweek £136.03
Oxwich Bay Marque or Hotel
£3200.00£800.00£276.00INCLINCL£4276.00£84.52Min 95 - Bridal Suite Free
Pencoed House£4162.50£700.00£248.50INCL£3950.00£9061.00£181.22Using External Catering
Peterstone Court£5200.00£1050.00£312.50£750.00INCL£7312.50£146.2560 Min Day/100 Min Eve Midweek £100pp
Sketty Hall Swansea£2250.00£747.50£247.50£350.00£300.00£3895.00£77.90No 'Offers' noticed
St. Mellons Hotel - Cardiff (2)
£3738.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£3738.00£74.76Free Bridal Suite additional guests £49.95 - Rates at 2015 rates
Stradey Park Hotel - Llanelli
£3250.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£3250.00£65.00 Mwk:£55
The Vale Resort£4250.00INCLINCL£500.00INCL£4750.00£95.00No 'Offers' noticed
Towers Hotel£6750.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£6750.00£135.00 3 drinks pp inc - Midweek £90pp
Ty Neweydd Country Hall (3)
Waterfront Museum Swansea£1925.00£1250.00£225.00£1000.00£600.00£5000.00£100.00
No 'Offers' noticed
Castle Wedding Venues

Castle of Brecon Hotel
No 'Offers' noticed
Manorbier Castle*

No 'Offers' noticed  *Catering not provided - use outside caterers
Roch Castle*

38 Guests Max  *Catering not provided - use outside caterers
St Donats Castle£2137.50£497.50£247.50INCL£4750.00£7632.50£152.65£137.65 Mwk

Note 1: Marriot Hotel. Their quoted price included 100 buffets, so to get back down to 50 I deducted £15/ head by 50 based on our Special Wedding Buffet price, to try and get a like-for-like comparison. However they do offer a load of extras which makes a comparison difficult. They include wine on tables, toasting wine, resident DJ, chair covers, menu cards and place cards and accommodation for bride and groom etc. No fair comparison is possible on this venue but you could at a guess add £20 per head 'value' for these extras assuming 50 guests.

Note 2: Have not got a buffet price for St. Mellons so we have 'guessed it' at same level as ours until we can get this information.

Note 3: Ty Neweydd Country Hall Friday Wedding Offer seems a bit high, so I wonder if there are extras in the package we are not aware of.
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