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Tariff comparison with all our local South Wales 'competitors'

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We continually check our competitor's prices and their Wedding Packages so you don't have to

Competitor comparison chart now being updated for the 2019 year.
See rates for all competitors for 2017 / 2018 here.

See 2019 Competitor Rates Chart under development here.

Some people think it is expensive to get married at Craig y Nos Castle and are then surprised at how affordable we are. We regularly check our rates against competitors. Whilst it is not our intention to be the cheapest, our rates are generally lower than our equivalent competitors and certainly lower than other castles. You'll find many Victorian mansions and some 'castles' like ours. Then there are really grand old castles dating back pre Civil War - genuine Castles rather than Victorian copies - whose rates are higher!

Not all competitors are 'equivalent' venues. As a large venue we do require minimum numbers. Most venues have minimum numbers (not always shown in charts below).

Our objective is to offer Brides 'Best Value'. Our Last Minute Wedding Package rates are generally unbeatable. Some venues you will observe are charging £2,000 or even £3,000 more! Some venues now also have very high venue hire rates. Many venues do not publish rates on line. This makes you wonder if they are too pricey!  About half we have to send off for rates on, as no rates are on their site.

Some competitors may have 'deals' we have not found, or introduce deals after this comparison was done. Some may have extras within their packages we have not spotted.

All Venues now seem to require you to have a 3 course wedding breakfast, welcome and wedding drinks package, and a buffet. This is something we had not seen a couple of years ago, and while we have not gone the same way yet (you can opt to have a wedding breakfast only with us) we can understand why others have.

In the chart below we have shown a comparison based on the full package for all venues. However at Craig y Nos you could shave £17 / head off, by not taking the evening buffet, and £7 per head by not taking the pudding course, thus reducing your rate per head by £24 a head. The Drinks Package you generally WILL need!

We will not have included any 'last minute deals' introduced later in the year. To verify savings, check if the other venue is offering any 'deals' in the same time frame as our own 'Deals' such as our Last Minute Weddings.

Anyone who finds any inaccuracy in the below, please email martin.gover@craigynoscastle.com with the corrections and I will add updates to this page.

1. BRIDAL SUITE: Many venues include a free night in the Bridal Suite. We do not unless > 60 guests are staying overnight.

2. EXCLUSIVE USE & MINIMUM NUMBERS: We offer exclusive use but not all venues will offer exclusive use or be able to. Any venue offering exclusive use will have minimum number requirements. For Couples looking for lower numbers, I've added a column showing the venue's minimum number requirements. We had a minimum of 50 for all weddings but have raised this to 70 on Saturdays / premium dates, and to 60 on Fridays.

3. SOLE OR SHARED USE: Some venues may have more than one wedding on the same day, or other guests on their premises. Venues with more than one wedding on the same day and more rooms may allow smaller weddings for their second wedding.

4. NO VENUE HIRE? We offer discounted or free exclusive use under our Packages. This will change in later years but weddings secured on current rates are locked in on those rates. Bookings made now on current tariffs will not pay any subsequently higher tariff for their wedding. When you book you lock in the tariff applicable to your wedding date as it is showing now, as far ahead as 2021.

5. MENUS: Due to different packages and differing numbers it is not always possible to compare like for like. Not least, every venue is 'individual' anyway, as are all the menus. Venues have different prices for different menu options and you cannot really compare like for like on different menus. Some have 2 or 3 choices of menu or buffet. Where there are 2 or 3 wedding menu or buffet options, we have taken the nearest equivalent menu or buffet option to our own, to make a fair comparison.

6. PACKAGE MEANS YOU TAKE ALL THREE ELEMENTS: Most venues offer a 3-course Wedding Breakfast, some more courses, some 2 course, and the Wedding Buffet & Drinks Package are both 'required'. A 'Package' will 'require' you to take the three key elements - (i) 3 course Wedding Breakfast, (ii) Drinks Package and (iii) Evening Buffet. This is perfectly reasonable and something MOST venues will require, together with minimum numbers for 'day' and 'evening'.

At Craig y Nos Castle we prefer you to take all three elements, but currently Craig y Nos does allow a Couple wishing to cut costs to have a 2-course wedding breakfast at £50/ head, instead of the 3 course at £57/head. Also our Evening Buffet is optional, though most Couples will opt to have a buffet. You'll certainly want a Drinks Package unless you are all teetotal (known as a dry wedding), even though this too is optional with the Castle.

In most wedding packages, these three key elements are not optional. We do find most Couples will want the Drinks Package and the Evening Buffet. Many Craig y Nos Couples have just the two course wedding breakfast (using the wedding cake for the third course). Some Couples replace the £17/ head buffet with our 12/head cheese platter to save costs.

7. EXTRAS THROWN IN: Some venues include extras such as the Bridal Suite, an anniversary stay, and some will add in the Chaircovers, Flowers, a resident Toastmaster or even a DJ. In our case our Wedding Planner functions as the Toastmaster, co-ordinating everything on the day, and helping direct guests. We include Chaircovers in the Ceremony room only. These extras will add to the costs per guest, making a like for like comparison impossible. The notes section beside each venue below explains where extras are included in the per head rate.

8. ACCOMMODATION COST: Some include full (required) accommodation use and include the cost of this within their overall venue hire fee. In such cases it is not clear what the venue hire element is without the accommodation part, though it is possible to make a rough guess at 'x' amount per bedroom based on their B&B tariff. Where function room venue hire and B&B costs are merged into one overall venue fee, a comparison like this involves some guesswork to arrive at a total cost per guest including function room hire only, stripping out the B&B costs.

8. WEEKEND AND MIDWEEK RATES & SEASONAL RATES DIFFER: There are differences between midweek and weekend weddings, high and low season, and last minute or winter weddings. We've put more than one line per venue for 'midweek', 'Friday' and 'Saturday' weddings and different Wedding Packages and any offers etc. Not all special offers are included as some are not known about at time the venue's site is checked.

9. COSTS INCREASE: Hotel & Wedding Venue running costs have increased in the last 18 months hence there has been an increase in rates. The increase year on year in some cases is high.  Increases in the National Living Wage and Business Rates are substantial, so most venues now will not allow 2020 and 2021 at the same rate as 2018/19. Currently we do, so you are able to lock in a 2021 wedding at 2018/2019 rates.

10. RATES NOT PUBLISHED: Not all venues publish their rates unless you make a specific enquiry, which we will be doing for all venues with no rates on line.
14/10/2018 update: 2019 Competitor Rates under construction. Rates have increased substantially since this exercise was last done in 2017. Some offer 'inclusive' packages (e.g. florist, chair covers, etc), others do not. This makes fair comparison tricky. Old chart for 2017/18 rates is retained below, for now, until 2019 chart completed.
Wedding Venue
Last Updated on
3 course
/ Guest
per guest
Craig y Nos Castle (LMWP) 14/10/1852.0017.0017.0086.00£0.0086.004,300.005074.0050--Last Minute Wedding, Min 60 Fri, 50 midwk
Craig y Nos Castle (Midweek) 14/10/1857.0017.0017.0091.00£0.0091.004,550.005077.0050--Min 50 Guests, Mid-week wedding package
Craig y Nos Castle (Friday) 14/10/1857.0017.0017.0091.00£0.0091.005,460.006077.0060--Friday Weddings
Craig Y Nos Castle (Saturday) 14/10/1857.0017.0017.0091.00£1,000107.677,370.007097.0070--Saturday Weddings
1Aberglasney Gardens, Llangathen

2The Angel Inn - Abergavenney14/10/18---------------180.0010,800.0060114.6060Midweek Classic Package - Inc chaircovers, flowers, canapes, Bridal Suite etc
Angel Inn - Abergavenney14/10/18---------------190.0011,400.0060---60Friday Classic Package - Inc as above
Angel Inn - Abergavenney14/10/18---------------200.0012,000.0060---60Saturday Classic Package - Inc as above
3Bear Hotel - Silver16/11/18Inc14.00Inc85.00---85.004,250.0050--50Inc Bridal Suite & DJ
Bear Hotel - Gold  package 16/11/18Inc18.00Inc100.00---100.005,000.0050--50Inc Bridal Suite, DJ, post box, Candelabras  
Bear Hotel  - Platinum16/11/18Inc25.00Inc119.00---119.005,950.0050---50Inc Bridal, DJ, post box, Candelabras & starlight curtain  
4Bodysgallen Hall
16/11/1845.0015.0022.0082.00650.0095.004,750.0050--5050Minimum spends apply, e.g. May, June, July and August = £10,500 min spend req'd
5Bryngawr House

---70100No Prices on site Sun Min 70, 100 evening
Bryngawr House

123.6080100Friday Min 80 day, 100 evening
Bryngawr House

---100120Saturday Min 100 day, 120 evening
6Bryn Meadows
14/10/1845.00*16.00------61.354,295.007070.007090Winter Jan - Mar 2019 only: Saturday
Min 90 eve, *Wed Brkfst = 2 courses
Bryn Meadows 14/10/18---------------71.354,995.0070--7090Honour Package Saturdays <9 months
2 course Wed Brkfst Min 90 eve guests & DJ
Bryn Meadows

Non special offer weddings - No prices on line
7Buckland Hall16/11/1859.0016.0015.0090.005,900.00183.3311,300.0060172.003 day venue hire - nothing included extra
8Caer Beris Manor14/10/1840.0018.9515.0073.954,000.00*93.954,697.5050163.90*Mon-Thur Venue Hire includes 23 bedrooms with B&B for 43 guests (guess £3000 B&B?)
Caer Beris Manor
*Fri - Sun Venue Hire includes 23 bedrooms with B&B for 43 guests (guess £3000 B&B?)
9Coed Y Mwstwr Country House Hotel14/10/1855.9517.9521.9598.85675.00112.355,617.505069.2040Regular 2018 tariff only showing at present
Coed Y Mwstr Hotel
14/10/18------65.00--88.503,775.0050--4080Four Seasons Wedding Packaage (rate for 2017/18 weddings) & DJ
10Cawdor Hotel - Midweek16/11/18Inc10.00Inc54.00--70.003,500.006577.456565Inc Bridal suite but guests must fill the 23 remaining bedrooms - full use of rooms req.
Cawdor Hotel - Weekend16/11/18Inc10.00Inc39.00--39.004,680.00120
11Celtic Manor Hotel

Huge brochure, but no prices!
12Court Colman Manor14/10/18----------78.003,900.005079.60Last Minute 2019 Jan - Mar, inc DJ & Bridal Suite, 50 day 80 eve (deal expired 31/10/18)
Court Colman Manor
Mid-range pricing selected - 3 options
13Cwrt Bleddyn Ramada16/11/18IncIncInc79.90--79.903,995.0050158.005080Inc chair covers & sash, Bridal Room & DJ
14de Courceys Manor, Cardiff20/10/1840.0016.9525.0081.952,650.00134.956,747.5050--
Drinks Package & Wedding Brkfst guessed from wine and menu tariff - the service charge & ceremony hire increase cost/ head
15Fairyhill by Oldwalls, Gower Ultimate wedding package (May-Sep) Fri
Banquet room hire and 3 courses.  For all fairyhill packages it is £59 per person for extra guests in day.

(£59 per additional day guest is much lower than the rate per head for the minimum of
60 or 80 day guests, so I presume it is £59 per extra day guest for the Wedding Breakfast element).
Fairyhill - Ultimate wedding package (May-Sept) Sat16/11/18inc15.0020.00146.25500.00146.2511,700.0080--80
Fairyhill - Winter wedding - (Nov-Feb) Friday & Sat 16/11/18inc15.0020.0077.50500.0077.506,200.0080--80
Fairyhill - Winter wedding - (Nov-Feb) Sun-Thurs 16/11/18inc15.0020.0086.66500.0086.665,200.060--60
Fairyhill - Midweek (May-Sept) Mon-Wed 16/11/18inc15.0020.00124.00500.00124.007,496.0060--60
Fairyhill - Midweek (May-Sept) Thursdays 16/11/18inc15.0020.00135.00500.00135.008,100.0060--60
Fairyhill - Midweek (May-Sept) Sundays 16/11/18inc15.0020.00161.60500.00161.609,700.0060--60
Fairyhill - Mid season (March, April & Oct ) Mon-Thurs 16/11/18inc15.0020.0093.30500.093.305,600.0060--60
Fairyhill - Mid season (March, April & Oct ) Fridays 16/11/18inc15.0020.0096.25500.0096.257,700.0080--80
Fairyhill - Mid season (March, April & Oct ) Saturdays16/11/18inc15.0020.00108.75500.00108.758,700.0080--80
Fairyhill - Mid season (March, April & Oct ) Sunday16/11/18inc15.0020.0090.50500.0090.507,240.0080--80
16Fforest Weddings
30Winter Weddings (Drinks guessed £20)
Fforest Weddings

60April & Oct Weddings (Drinks guessed £20)
Fforest Weddings 14/10/1860.00inc20.00*80.008000.00180.0014,400.00
Summer Weddings (Drinks guessed £20)
17Glen-Yr-Afon Platinum Wedding Package20/10/18------133.00--172.4613,935.0075159.90751005 course wed brkfst, ice sculpture, DJ, chaircovers & 3 bedrooms
Diamond Wedding Package
75100Sats April-Dec, & flowers, chaircovers, 4 course Wed Brkfst, DJ
Sapphire Wedding Package
5075Sun to Fri & Jan-Mar, & flowers, chaircovers, 4 course Wed Brkfst, DJ
Emerald Wedding Package
5075Sun to Thu & Jan-Mar, inc 3 course Wed Brkfst, DJ
18Gliffaes Country House Hotel20/10/1855.00?? 20?? 25100.001,500-6,000 (varies)130.00
4,250.00 to 8,750.0050----Day only offered unless take hotel exclusive and book all 23 bedrooms for both Fri & Sat at £5,000 per night (£10k). Mmax 64 to wedding. No drinks package - free flowing to your budget
(guess £20). No buffet price quoted, guess £20
19Glyn Clydach Hotel - Neath, Summer / Winter16/11/18inc17.0022.00118.98--118.985,949.005053.0050Inc chaircovers and centrepieces
Glyn Clydach Hotel - Midweek16/11/18inc17.0022.0096.98--96.984,849.0050
20Grand Hotel Swansea16/11/18------50.40--50.402,016.004054.354060Inc. Centrepieces, DJ for evening, 60 guests for evening buffet, bridal suite
21King Arthur, Gower16/11/1868.0018.0021.00107.00395.00115.608,095.00
7095.457070Nothing included everything extra
22Llangoed Hall - Cotton Package22/10/18------99.0012000*186.5014,920.0080----*Exclusive use (12k summer weekends, £10k weekdays) includes 4 rooms B&B the night before the wedding and all 23 bedrooms on night of wedding & up to 50 breakfasts. I have presumed £5000 of this is B&B, leaving balance as venue hire to add to the total per guest rate
Llangoed Hall - Lace Package
Llangoed Hall - Silk Package
Llangoed Hall - Winter Package22/10/18------90.007500140.007,000.0050----
23Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd22/10/1854.0024.0021.9599.951095.00121.856,092.5050103.85--Garden Marquee Monday to Thursday
Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd
22/10/1854.0024.0021.9599.951745.00119.3410,740.5090--90150Garden Marquee Fri/ Sat,
Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd
22/10/1854.0024.0021.9599.951320.00126.356,317.5050----Garden Marquee Sunday
Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd
22/10/1854.00None21.9575.95*890.0093.75*4,687.5050----Oak Orangery Mon - Thurs, *No Eve Buffet
Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd
22/10/1854.00None21.9575.95*1190.00105.70*4,228.0040--40Oak Beam Orangery Fri & Sat, *No Eve Buffet
Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd
22/10/18------109.00--109.005,450.0050--?Wedding Package 3 (only one with Buffet)
24Liberty Stadium

49.50No rates on line
25Lyde Court, Herefordshire22/10/18

Lyde Court, Herefordshire 22/10/18

149.007450.0050--?(Package B) 3 Course WBrkfst with Wine Package & Eve Buffet & Bridal Suite
26Maes Manor, Blackwood22/10/18------71.00860.0081.756,540.008069.99? 80Classic Package, Inc Bridal & Chaircovers, floral NB: Min spend all weddings on Sats = £6,750, £160 door security charge added to £700 V Hire (V Hiire on a smaller room is £500 for up to 50 guests only,also min charge £6,750 Sats)
Maes Manor, Blackwood22/10/18------89.00860.0099.757,980.00080--?Elegance Package, Bridal & Chaircovers, floral
Maes Manor, Blackwood22/10/18------107.00860.00117.759,420.0080--?Supreme Package, Bridal & Chaircovers, floral
27Manor Hotel, Crickhowell22/10/1852.0021.1522.8596.00655.00109.105,455.0050--
£1850 for exclusive use, £630 added room hire for evening if not have buffet
Manor Hotel, Crickhowell22/10/18------101.33--101.337,600.0075--75100Sat Perfect Day Wedding Package, inc DJ, Bridal Suite & chaircovers
Manor Hotel, Crickhowell22/10/18------91.93--91.936,895.0075--75100As above, Friday Oct-Nov, Jan-Mar,
Manor Hotel, Crickhowell22/10/18------66.58--66.583,995.0060--6060Winter Wedding Package, Sats Jan & Feb, Min Eve Buffet = sausage or bacon rolls
28Manor Park, Swansea

All Inclusive Package, 4 course WB, Chaircovers, no prices quoted on line
29Margam Park, Orangery16/11/1852.0016.75inc68.751,195.0083.686,695.008075.6180
30Marriott Hotel, Swansea51.00NoInc

88.902019 Package not fully quoted (no buffet etc)
31Mercure22/10/18----------75.003750.0050 ?57.50Silk Wedding Package, ? no' guests unclear
32Miskin Manor

99.357090Exclusive use is £5,000 & must fill all 42 bedrooms. Wedding meals prices not on line
33Morgans, Swansea

prices not shown on line
34Norton House Hotel
Last Minute Weddings
Inc 10 Bedrooms (£950 worth) & DJ,
Norton House Hote
Exclsuive Package
23/10/1869.0020.00Inc89.00--112.506,500.0040--4070Inc 21 Bedrooms (assume £2,000 worth), canapes, chaircovers, DJ
35Old Post House, Cardiff
Last Minute Weddings
23/10/18----------108.336,500.0060--60100Whirlwind Wedding, inc DJ - in next 6 months
Old Post House, Cardiff
- Regular Tariff
5,613.0045--45Inc. bridal bedroom, post box, Sweet cart, DJ and dance floor
36Oldwalls - Gower
Ultimate Weddding Package

211.95rates not shown on line
Oldwalls - Mid-Week Weddings

rates not shown on line
Oldwalls - Winter Weddings

rates not shown on line
Oldwalls - Last Minute Weddings

rates not shown on line
Oldwalls - Mid-Season Weddings

rates not shown on line
37Ocean View Windmill

176.03rates not shown on line
Ocean View - Midweek

rates not shown on line
38Oxwich Bay Marque or Hotel - Weekend
16/11/1869.0018.0018.50105.50375.00109.4410,397.009584.5295Min 95 Fri/Sat, 75 Thur/Sun, 60 Mon-Weds. Marquee or Hotel for reception, Chestnut room for ceremony £375. Inc. chair covers and bows, & led mood lighting
Oxwich Bay - Weekday16/11/1869.0018.0018.50105.50375.00110.508,287.5075--75
39Pencoed House

181.22Using External Catering
40Peterstone Court16/11/1859.5023.0023.10105.60820.00116.538,740.0075146.2575100 White chair covers & sashes, Dance floor
41Porthmawr Country House, Crickhowell

42St Tewdrics House

43Sketty Hall Swansea

77.90No 'Offers' noticed
44St. Mellons Hotel - Cardiff (2)

74.76Free Bridal Suite additional guests £49.95 - Rates at 2015 rates
45Stradey Park Hotel - Llanelli

65.00 Mwk:£55
46The Vale Resort

95.00No 'Offers' noticed
47Towers Hotel

135.00 3 drinks pp inc - Midweek £90pp

49Ty Neweydd Country Hall (3)

50Vale Resort

51Waterfront Museum Swansea

No 'Offers' noticed
Castle Wedding Venues

52Caerphilly Castle

53Cardff Castle

54Cardigan Castle

55Castell Coch

Castle of Brecon Hotel

No 'Offers' noticed
57Fonmon Castle

58Hensol Castle

59Manorbier Castle

No 'Offers' noticed  *use outside caterers
60Roch Castle

38 Guests Max  *Catering - use outside caterers
61St Donats Castle

152.65£137.65 Mwk


Same Rate for 2019, 2020 & 2021

The comparison is based on 50 guests in most cases but not all.

Savings under our Last Minute, Midweek and Weekend Special Wedding Packages against the competitors' published 2017/18 tariff were accurate as of 29/08/2017 for the 2018 year. A 'per guest rate' is also shown for each venue, based on 50 guests. In 2019 more venues are showing higher minimum numbers so where minimum numbers are higher (or lower) than 50, we show cost for the minimum number.

Meanwhile our 2018-2020 rates are the same for each year. This is unique to Craig y Nos Castle as most venues show higher rates for each year. We increase rates annually, to keep up with inflation and rising costs, but prices remain the same rate for each forward year, until they are increased. You lock-in the rate currently showing, however far forward your wedding date, upon booking your wedding, regardless of subsequent increases for later bookers.

For simplicity, we make it our policy to offer the same per head rate for the wedding breakfast and all extras, for all weddings, for all years. All bookings made now are 'locked in' on the rate shown. This means you pay the same rate for extra guests added later, even if rates are increased subsequently for later bookers.

This means you can - right now - book a 2019 or 2020 or 2021 wedding at Craig y Nos Castle at current rates.  

Competitor venues showing 2017/18 rates
Craig y Nos showing 2018/19 rates
Total for
50 Guests
Amount per
Offers we found for Last Minute deals, Fridays, Weekdays etc
Competitor venue rates not updated in since Dec 2017
Craig y Nos Castle (LMWP)£2250.00£850.00£250.00£0.00£0.00£3350.00£67.00Last Minute Wedding Package (Min 60 Fridays, Min 50 Weekdays)
Craig y Nos Castle (Midweek)£2500.00£850.00£250.00£0.00£0.00£3600.00£72.00Min 50 Guests, Mid-week wedding package
Craig y Nos Castle (Friday)£2500.00£850.00£250.00£0.00£0.00£3600.00£72.00Min 60 Guests, Friday Weddings
Craig Y Nos Castle (Saturday)£2500.00£850.00£250.00£1000.00£0.00£4600.00£92.00*Min 80 Guests (*reduces to £72/guest>50) , Saturday Weddings
The Angel Inn - Abergavenney£2,700.00£1200.00£250.00£1200.00£380.00£5730.00£114.60£84.00 Mwk
Bryngawr House£6180.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£6180.00£123.60Min 100 guests, canapes, 3 drinks per person plus Bridal Suite
Bryn Meadows£2500.00INCLINCL£400.00£600.00£3500.00£70.00Reduces to £60pp midweek
Buckland Hall£2850.00INCLINCLINCL£5750.00£8600.00£172.00Min 60 guests, 4 course plus canapes
Hire reduces to £3750 midweek
Caer Beris Manor£2000.00£948.00£248£5000INCL£8195.00£163.90Winter Reductions £143.90 pp
Coed Y Mwstr Hotel£2297.50£898.00£265.00INCLINCL£3460.00£69.20
Cawdor Hotel£3125.00INCL£247.50INCL£500.00£3872.50£77.45Min 95/60 Midweek
£62.50 Mwk
Court Colman Manor£2250.00£1000.00£330.00£400INCL£3980.00£79.60Bridal Suite Included
Cwrt Bleddyn£2000£900.00INCL£5000INCL£7900.00£158.00
Min 75 Guests
Fforest Weddings£2750.00INCL£175.00INCL£3500.00£6425.00£128.50
No 'Offers' noticed
Glen-Yr-Afon£7995.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£7995.00£159.90No 'Offers' noticed
Glyn Clydach Hotel - Neath£2350.00INCLINCLINCL£300.00£2650.00£53.00No 'Offers' noticed
Grand Hotel Swansea£2520.00INCL£197.50INCLINCL£2717.50£54.35
No 'Offers' noticed
King Arthur£3200.00£975.00£247.50INCL£350.00£4772.50£95.45Min 70 guests - Midweek £85.90
Llangoed Hall£3500.00£450.00£500.00INCL£650.00£5100.00£102.00No 'Offers' noticed
Llechwen Hall£2100.00£1200.00£423.00£1250.00£220.00£5192.50£103.85
Liberty Stadium£1325.00£600.00£250.00INCL£300.00£2475.00£49.50No 'Offers' noticed
Maes Manor£3450.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£3450.00£69.99Bridal Suite Incl
Margam Park£2395.50£950.00£435.00INCLINCL£3780.50£75.61No 'Offers' noticed
Marriott Hotel -  See Note (1)£4195.00INCLINCLINCL£250.00£4445.00£88.90Lots of freebies included
Miskin Manor£2650.00£600.00£297.50£680.00£740.00£4967.50£99.35No 'Offers' noticed
Norton House Hotel£1875.00£650.00£305.00INCL£275.00£3105.00£62.10
No 'Offers' noticed
Oldwalls - Gower£2450.00£497.50£250.00£7400.00INCL£10597.50£211.95Min 80, Fireworks - Lots of Freebies - Bridal Suite - Complete Exclusivity - Midweek £169.95 - Winter Discounts
Ocean View Windmill £8801.50INCLINCLINCLINCL£8801.50£176.03Midweek £136.03
Oxwich Bay Marque or Hotel
£3200.00£800.00£276.00INCLINCL£4276.00£84.52Min 95 - Bridal Suite Free
Pencoed House£4162.50£700.00£248.50INCL£3950.00£9061.00£181.22Using External Catering
Peterstone Court£5200.00£1050.00£312.50£750.00INCL£7312.50£146.2560 Min Day/100 Min Eve Midweek £100pp
Sketty Hall Swansea£2250.00£747.50£247.50£350.00£300.00£3895.00£77.90No 'Offers' noticed
St. Mellons Hotel - Cardiff (2)
£3738.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£3738.00£74.76Free Bridal Suite additional guests £49.95 - Rates at 2015 rates
Stradey Park Hotel - Llanelli
£3250.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£3250.00£65.00 Mwk:£55
The Vale Resort£4250.00INCLINCL£500.00INCL£4750.00£95.00No 'Offers' noticed
Towers Hotel£6750.00INCLINCLINCLINCL£6750.00£135.00 3 drinks pp inc - Midweek £90pp
Ty Neweydd Country Hall (3)
Waterfront Museum Swansea£1925.00£1250.00£225.00£1000.00£600.00£5000.00£100.00
No 'Offers' noticed
Castle Wedding Venues

Castle of Brecon Hotel
No 'Offers' noticed
Manorbier Castle*

No 'Offers' noticed  *Catering not provided - use outside caterers
Roch Castle*

38 Guests Max  *Catering not provided - use outside caterers
St Donats Castle£2137.50£497.50£247.50INCL£4750.00£7632.50£152.65£137.65 Mwk

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