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Join the Privileged List to register interest in upcoming dates

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  • This is our Castle Wedding Packages - 'Upcoming Last Minute Wedding Dates, Privileged List' Page. For more wedding packages, see Wedding Package Index or scroll down to the bottom of this page.
Join the Privileged List

To receive early notification of any cancelled weddings or first-call on dates about to be released for sale under our Last Minute Wedding Package, join our Privileged List using the form below.

Book a viewing here to get on the List, so we know that you are still seriously interested, having seen the castle. Get first refusal on upcoming Last Minute dates.
Craig y Nos Castle Courtyard

To book a viewing of Craig y Nos Castle please use the quick-form below

 I intend to visit the castle in person
 I wish to remote view via Skype/ What's App

Privilege List

Last Minute Wedding Packages for a Minimum of 50 (LMWP50) can only be booked 6 months in advance. If you have 80 guests, you can book a Last Minute wedding 7-8 months ahead (LMWP80).

If you want a Last Minute deal for a date that is further ahead, you can enter yourself onto a waiting list - the Privilege List - below.

I suggest you look for dates marked in Yellow Shading with Red Font - see 2021 calendar here.

Here is why.

During COVID many weddings have two dates - their original date and a date pencilled in reserve that they may need to postpone into. These later reserved dates are marked in Yellow Shading with Red Font. These dates may come available again at short notice once COVID restrictions are eased and the original wedding date can go ahead.

So if you want a Last Minute deal more than 6-8 months ahead, complete the form on this page targeting the Yellow Shaded / Red Font dates. You'll then be the first to know if any of these dates are freed up.
Listed DatesPosition 1Position 2

Join the list for first call on upcoming dates on Last Minute Package

Cost per head:

Last Minute & Winter Wedding Package is £40/day guest to include:

  • Welcome Drinks worth £5.00/head
  • Canapes with Welcome Drinks worth £3.00/head
  • Two Course Wedding Breakfast worth £50.00/head
  • Exclusive use of Theatre Ceremony Room for Wedding Ceremony and
  • Exclusive use of the Conservatory for Day and Evening, plus neighbouring lounges, Nicolini Room and Breakfast Room.
  • White chair covers in either the Conservatory or the Ceremony room if required, worth £1.50/guest
  • Welsh Cakes worth £1.00/guest

Extra Day guests can be added at £40.00/head up to 130.

Extra Evening-only guests can be added at no charge if not having an evening buffet, or at £17.00/ head for all guests attending if you are having an evening buffet.

We also offer an upgraded Evening Buffet with DJ Entertainment Package, including first dance on clouds, selfie pod, uplighters and evening vidoegraphy (this superior DJ service is worth over £1,000) at £25.00/ guest (minimum 75 guests required).

Release dates:

Unbooked dates are 'for sale' on Last Minute Weddings with a low minimum of 50 guests (LWP50) 6 months ahead, and for Last Minute/ Winter weddings with a higher minimum of 80 (LMWP80) 7-8 months ahead. For 9 or more months head, you can join the privileged waiting list for any available date.

When you join the Privilege List, you get first refusal on dates soon to be released for the Last Minute Wedding Package, provided no Couple books a regular wedding package before then - see Pros & Cons below.

Privilege List - Pros and Cons

There are risks and benefits to waiting on a date coming up on LMWP (Last Minute Wedding Package). The benefit of waiting means if the date does not sell you then get a very good deal on Last Minute that cannot be beaten by any other venue (guaranteed).

The risk is the date may end up being sold on our regular wedding packages while some dates are now available for LMWP80 (Last Minute deals with 80 guests day and evening). If you have 80 day and evening guests, do not go on the List - book your date now.

You can book your date, if you have already viewed the venue. We don't offer Last Minute Weddings ahead of the month going green on the Availability Calendars.

Joining Privileged List does not guarantee the date as it could sell on another wedding package.

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