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Join the Privileged List to register interest in upcoming dates

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Craig y Nos Castle Last Minute Weddings in South Wales - Pencilling In a Date

Get First Refusal on upcoming Last Minute dates

For FIRST REFUSAL on any dates coming up for our Last Minute Wedding Package, pencil in a date to join our Waiting List.

Book a viewing here and when you've seen the castle, we'll give you first refusal on upcoming Last Minute dates.
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Pencilled In Dates

Sometimes a Couple may wish to book a Last Minute wedding but the date is not yet within Last Minute date range.

Pencilling in a date ahead of it qualifying for the package you want to book, gives you the option to secure 'first refusal' on a date if someone wants to book the same date for a qualifying wedding package.

Last Minute Wedding Packages for a Minimum of 50 day guests (LMWP50) can be booked 6 months in advance.

  • Months that qualify for LMWP-50 are shaded dark green on the availability calendars.

With 80 guests, you can book a Last Minute wedding 7-8 months or further ahead (LMWP80).

  • Months that qualify for LMWP-80 are shaded light green on the availability calendars.

Months more than 9 months ahead, unless shaded dark or light green, only qualify for our regular wedding packages.

If you want a Last Minute-50 or Last Minute-80 wedding for a date that does not yet qualify for the 'Last Minute' package, you can pencil in a date further ahead.

This gives you first refusal on that date but until it qualifies for LMWP-50 or LMWP-80, as applicable, another Couple could still book a regular wedding package (e.g. a regular wedding package of higher value than your pencilled in wedding) on your pencilled in date.

We would then offer you first refusal to book the relevant qualifying package (i.e. a regular wedding package) on your pencilled in date, or the option to choose another date.

As we would be happier to accommodate both couples, in the event of competition for any 'pencilled in' date, we would also encourage the other couple to choose an alternative date, as it is in the Castle's interest to accommodate both bookings. However if this is not possible, the pencilled in date would be released to the couple offering to book the date for a 'qualifying' wedding package.  

Pencilled in dates are marked on the calendar in pale yellow. A reservation fee must still be paid to pencil in a date.

Pencilled in dates are not yet 'yours' but they do discourage other bookings taking the date. As they go on the calendar in pale yellow, this will signal to other couples the date is taken (even if in reality it is only pencilled in). Also if another Couple shows interest in a pencilled in date, we will encourage them to choose alternative dates.

However a pencilled in date does remain available for someone offering to book the date for a regular wedding package, until the date is within the relevant LMWP (LMWP-50 or LMWP-80) date range.

For example, if your desired wedding date is within LMWP-80 date range, but you want to pencil in a LMWP-50 (for a smaller Last Minute wedding), then someone offering to book a LMWP-80 'now'. could still book the date over you, but you would get first refusal (to offer to book a LMWP-80 instead) and then once the date qualifies for LMWP-50, the date becomes 'reserved' to you on the LMWP-50.  

You cannot 'book' a pencilled in LMWP date until the relevant LMWP package is officially on offer within that month.

See 2023 calendar here with the different months showing in green and light green for the Last Minute deals.

If you want to pencil in a date for Last Minute weddings ahead of the Last Minute qualifying date range, then pencilling in a date is the way to go. Speak to your Wedding Planner first, to be sure you fully understand what pencilling in means, then complete the 'Book a Wedding Date' form.

Join the list for first call on upcoming dates on Last Minute Package

Cost per head (this rate only applies if the date is within Last Minute Date Range at time of booking):

Unbooked dates are 'for sale' on Last Minute Weddings with a low minimum of 50 guests (LWP50) 6 months ahead, and for Last Minute/ Winter weddings with a higher minimum of 80 (LMWP80) 7-8/9 months ahead.

For over 9 or more months ahead, you can pencil in any available date.

You'll get first refusal on dates soon to be released for Last Minute Weddings, provided no Couple books a regular wedding package ahead of you.

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