How to get the best price possible at any UK wedding venue in 2025

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How to get the best price possible at any UK wedding venue in 2025

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Published by Martin Gover in Wedding Offers · Wednesday 08 May 2024
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How you can book the best possible deal
at any wedding venue on a Friday
anywhere in 2025

Many couples are booking smaller midweek weddings in 2025.

A midweek wedding normally saves you money over a Friday or Saturday. Midweek packages are lower priced and allow you to have fewer guests.

We see more midweek weddings booking for 2025 compared to weekends.

This does mean you can now get a good deal on a Friday. No need to choose 'midweek'.

Uniquely for 2025 Couples are in a strong position to get the best possible deal for a Friday in 2025. This ONLY applies to 2025. 2026 will be a busier year for venues.

How to achieve the best possible deal for a 2025 Friday

1. Check a Venue's Calendar of bookings.

If you cannot see an on line calendar, ask for a list of dates they have available in your preferred date range.

Many venues won't publish availability if they have unsold dates. Craig y Nos Castle always publishes availability - see 2025 Calendar of Weddings


2. We're seeing less weekend bookings compared to weekdays.

As we do not want loads of midweek weddings with empty Fridays, we're now inviting smaller weddings on a 2025 Friday.

3. Don't wait for last minute 'offers'.

Unsold dates do go on 'offers' eventually. In our case we put dates on last minute offers 6 - 8 months ahead.

But by then, most dates are sold and you have fewer dates to choose.

4. Instead, book a smaller wedding on a Friday now, and upgrade to any offer later.

We'd normally require 6o guests on a Friday.

Now, for 2025 only, you can save costs by having a smaller wedding from just 25 guests on a Friday.

5. We welcome upgrades.

No venue will sell you their 'special offers' too far in advance. So here is a way to secure the best offers.

Book an Intimate Wedding Package for 25 guests, for £5,000, now. Wait a few months, during which you get your RSVPs in, so you know your numbers....

... and upgrade to 'Last Minute - Option A' when it's available, once you have confirmed guest numbers. E.g. Last Minute 2025 for 55 guests is £5,280.  

That's only £280 extra, for 30 more guests.

6. Don't risk waiting!  Dates do go!

We have a lot of people waiting for a date to appear on a 'last minute' offer, only to find it 'goes'.

Book a smaller Intimate Wedding now, then upgrade. Allows you longer to save up for and plan your wedding, and still get the best deal.

You either save money by having a smaller wedding, or you upgrade for just £280 to have a larger wedding on the special 'last minute' deal.

We are getting a lot of interest in this idea, so rather than put things off, please book your viewing here, now.

Let's get a date for you in the calendar at the best possible rate for you.

7. You get a special deal...

No need to leave booking to a last minute date (within next 6 months). This does not really give you time to plan.

Book a 'small wedding' now on any Friday in 2025. This allows you much more than 6 months to invite everyone, sort menus, get in your RSVPs, finalise your guests attending, and to plan/ book all your suppliers.  

You can 'upgrade later' to any 'last minute' offers for more guests nearer the time. Provided the overall spend is more than you originally contracted for, we allow you to transfer to any 'offers' or last minute deals.

If you hope to have 50 - 60 guests, but need to confirm RSVPs first, it make sense to book an Intimate Wedding for 25 NOW, for a Friday in 2025!

And upgrade later once you have confirmed numbers.

So the key takeaway is you can get a great deal on any wedding in 2025, especially for a Friday, given the temporary combination of

(A) Couples desire to 'save money' has led to 'more midweek bookings' compared to weekends, so we now wish to fill up our Fridays

(B) The Cost of Living Crisis means fewer 'large weddings', so we will allow more smaller weddings on Fridays.

A word of warning: once weather improves, more dates fill up. No one wants to go and view venues on a rainy dull day. We see an increase in bookings when the sun comes out!  So book your viewing and secure the best deal for a 2025 Friday here.

See a selection of Intimate Wedding Package here - Craig y Nos Castle, Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales, SA9 1GL.


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