Destination Venue or Local Wedding Venue - which will it be for you?

Craig y Nos Castle Weddings
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Destination Venue or Local Wedding Venue - which will it be for you?

Weddings in Wales at Craig y Nos Castle
Published by Martin Gover in Destination Wedding Venue · Thursday 16 May 2024
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What is a destination wedding venue?

A Destination Wedding Venue is where you and all your guests travel some distance to get to it, including abroad.

Typically you jet off to a scenic location in a sunny country, somewhere highly 'Instagrammable'.

Because it can mean flying abroad, many overseas destination venues attract smaller weddings. It'll be just you and a few close relatives who can afford to go.

What is a Local Wedding Venue?

A local wedding venue is a venue in your own home town, where most of your guests live, and where you all can get to and from the venue in 30 minutes or so. A local venue will not be more than an hour from where everyone lives.  

Even with local wedding venues, some guests may travel a considerable distance from where they live, and stay overnight.

Going Abroad for your Destination Wedding - Benefits & Costs

A Destination Wedding Venue in a hot and sunny country offers a wealth of choice.

Going abroad may not be practical for your guests. There's passports to check. Families may struggle with children, and work commitments. Elderly relatives may find the journey difficult.

An overseas wedding venue won't suit a large wedding party. Few can afford the time or money to travel abroad to your 'destination wedding', no matter how exotic the location.

A hop over the Bridge to

South Wales for your Destination Wedding Venue
is a lot simpler, though wetter...

Skip the flights overseas!  Hit the tarmac instead!

Discover the delights of the M4 - and A465 'Heads of the Valley' road (perpetual roadworks).

At the end of the rainbow, after a 3 - 4 hour drive from London and the Home Counties, you approach an oasis of peace and tranquillity, the forests and hills of the Brecon Beacons and of course, you reach Craig y Nos Castle!

A destination wedding venue in Wales is more practical for 'everyone' to attend. So many great castles in England and Wales. So many beautiful locations in our own country to choose from.

Don't rule out a destination wedding venue, just find one in the UK!

Why choose a South Wales Wedding  Venue?

Full of castles, great scenery, friendly people, and great value for a wedding compared to most venues in England.

OK, its a trek!  A few hours drive from London and the Home Counties. Close to M4/ J45.

Once here, you'll save tens of thousands, and have the best wedding day. Ever.

Award Winning Wedding Venue South Wales

Craig y Nos is an award winning castle in South Wales.

You can all stay at the castle for a full weekend, exclusively just for your wedding party.  

Craig y Nos Castle is a 'Destination wedding venue' in Brecon Beacons National Park.

Book a wedding for 25 to 130 guests for the day.

Sleep up to 80 guests in our en suites or 100 guests in total using a separate building on site.  

A Full Weekend Wedding

Book exclusive use of the castle for a full weekend. Dine the night before. A wedding banquet for 70 guests on the wedding day. A buffet for 100 in evening.

Includes welcome drinks, wine on tables and toasts, evening buffet, DJ, party room and more, all for for around £14k to the Couple (for a £30k value full weekend wedding).

This is the 'cost to the Couple' for day 70 guests, 100 evening. Assumes guests pay for their own accommodation - as they will.

This unique Castle Weekend Exclusive VIP Wedding Package, two days and two nights, will work out much cheaper than getting married in London or the Home Counties.

We also offer one day wedding packages for 50 guests or more, priced from £5,000.

Affordable Wedding Venue for today's Cost of living crisis!

In today's cost of living crisis Couples are having to economise!

Now it makes sense to choose a destination wedding venue in a less expensive part of the country.

Craig y Nos Castle weddings are around half the cost of an equivalent venue in London or the Home Counties!

Only this afternoon someone booking with us complained a well known Hotel on the Gower was £8,000 more than us. "We're not paying that" they said!

Well, you don't have to!

Also Wedding Suppliers in South Wales will be cheaper. It is not merely on the wedding venue and catering that you will save a fortune, but the suppliers as well.

Despite the savings,
70% of Couples will 'go local'

What will you do?

We know despite the savings, the scenery and the fantastic offers we have at Craig y Nos Castle, most couples marry locally - and more expensively too!

70% of couples marry within 30 miles of their home.

Why come all the way to South Wales with your wedding party?

Because we know, once you are here, you will have a fantastic wedding with us - as our reviews show.

BOOK a viewing - or see the offer below!

Wine and Dine Stay £149 -
free if you book your wedding!

As a Destination Wedding Venue, we encourage you to travel further. It's worth the journey. It's a holiday break.

Sit in the car & pop SA9 1GL into your sat nav, settle down with your favourite podcast and drive to a stunning and historic private castle in the Brecon Beacons.

For your visit we offer a £149 Wine and Dine Dinner and B&B deal for two - a reduced rate for Dinner B&B.

If you book, we won't even charge you for your Dinner B&B stay.

If you're not sure how many guests will attend, choose a smaller wedding initially, from 25 guests, then upgrade to a larger wedding package later.

Your own Country House Party
with a select group of invites/ guests!

Once you've booked Craig y Nos Castle, guests will want to know all about your choice of venue. How about a walking break with the dogs - we are dog friendly.

Invite everyone to stay. It'll be your own private country house.

Guests who stay, Party Late.

Indeed, where can your guests go?  Once here, they stay.

When they stay, they party late.

If they need a rest during the day, they do not go home. They go to their room, lie down a while, then join you on the dance floor for your evening party.

Refreshed, your guests can carry on as late you wish to party!

You'll all make a great day of it. You are here for the whole day, or even the whole weekend.

A Local Wedding Guest List
a Destination Wedding Venue list

For local weddings, you can go lower in day, higher in evening. You do not do this for a destination venue.

You won't really have evening extras at a Destination Wedding venue unless they're local.

Why compromise on a local venue
to accommodate no-show 'extras'!

Evening extras may be 'acquaintances' (from work etc,) rather than close friends and family. Attendance can be low.

You will get no shows.

You might consider a 'local venue' to accommodate a larger evening contingent. But it's not worth compromising on a venue if extras do not attend!  

You will be left paying for an evening buffet no one is there to enjoy.

Local weddings enable day guests to leave early to go home, with fewer than expected in the evening. We've seen this with our own local weddings.

With a Destination Venue,
only Invite who you really want, for a full day!

Most of our couples prefer to invite relatives and close friends for the full day.

For a destination venue you don't invite a crowd of people you hardly know!  It's more personal and intimate than that.

Select guests who will enjoy the full day, who'll make a day and night of it.

The right guests will feel privileged to be invited to your wedding and will make an effort to get to the venue on time!

Intimate and Smaller weddings in 2025

We see more Couples want an 'intimate wedding'.  As venues reserve weekends for larger weddings, more 'midweek weddings are being booked.

For 2025 Fridays we allow the Intimate Wedding Package for just 25 guests for £5,000. No need to go 'midweek' for a smaller wedding.

You can also upgrade to a larger wedding on Last Minute terms for a 2025 Friday once your numbers are known.


It is a break for everyone - a mini holiday away for you and your guests.

Invite everyone to stay, and your Wedding Party will 'rock into the night'!

Venture out of your home environment into the Brecon Beacons!  

New Partner, New Destinations!

When you first search for a wedding venue, you didn't think, 'Do I just choose somewhere local?'.

You browsed different wedding venues: some local, some miles away, looking for ideas and your dream venue. You may have googled 'historic buildings' and dreamed of 'castle weddings'!

When you draw up your short-list of wedding venues to visit in person, putting post codes into your sat nav, will you venture to new destinations?

Are there many local castles your wedding party can stay in, and truly afford, in your immediate area?

Probably not!

Why compromise?  You dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. So why not just get married in a castle?

After all, who wouldn't want to marry in a fairy tale castle surrounded by mountains?

You deserve it!  

It's YOUR day!

No compromises for 'the Best Day of your Life'!

When renting or buying a house, you have to compromise. You need somewhere convenient for schools/ work.

For your wedding day, you do not need to compromise.

Why should you?  

If you love the look and feel of the castle, just go for it.

Once you are all here, the journey is behind you. I do the 3 hour drive weekly, and it flies. It's a different world here.

For an intimate 'destination wedding venue', with closest friends and relatives sharing your most important day, come to Craig y Nos Castle.

Invite everyone to stay the night before.

Craig y Nos Castle sleeps 8o guest in en-suites. 20 more in another building. 100 total.

Stay a few days before and have a holiday in the Brecon Beacons.

Guests can stay overnight for two nights or more with 30% discount on the 2nd and each subsequent night.

Make a longer B&B break of it.

Book in early before the wedding day, to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Brecon Beacons National Park!

A magical Castle in the Welsh Mountains

The mountain scenery of the Brecon Beacons National Park guarantees you stunning photo opportunities both inside and outside the castle. The Grade One Listed Opera House makes a fantastic setting for your wedding ceremony.

Craig y Nos Castle is a truly magical and unique castle wedding venue that Couples can now readily afford.


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