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Craig y Nos Castle Front Courtyard 19

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Wedding Tips: What questions should you ask of a wedding venue?

If you have already chosen Craig y Nos Castle as your wedding venue, there are some useful Q & A that we've answered for you on our venue here.

If you have not yet chosen a wedding venue and are reading this page, the chances are you are looking very thoroughly at this website, so are probably about to book a viewing appointment - you can book a viewing appointment here. If you are busy scrolling through hundreds of the enlarged pictures and separate wedding tips here, you must be very keen!

But what you may not have done is considered what questions you should ask of your wedding venue. Only the other day I was talking to our General manager who had been to a wedding reception at another hotel. He was horrified at how the wedding party had been treated. Apparently they were all very happy, having had excellent food and attentive service from the staff throughout the day. But it all got ruined when the by now quite merry and inebriated guests were unceremoniously turfed out of the venue's function room and bar at 12:30.

Apparently the venue had noise and licensing restrictions. The hotel was in a residential area and there were noise limiters everywhere, even designed to turn off the music if it got too loud. So they must have had issues with neighbours! But the early turfing out of the wedding party ended up in rows and grief. So it pays to ask when the venue's drinks and entertainments licence ends!  See further venue questions here.

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