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Craig y Nos Castle Front Courtyard 18

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Wedding Tips: Get Married on a Friday!

Everyone wants Saturdays in the summer. Most wedding venues are booked up a couple of years ahead for Saturdays in the summer. This happens to us also, mainly because we only allow ONE wedding each day. At Craiig y Nos Castle each Bride has the castle wedding venue exclusive to themselves and their guests.

So it is in our interests to encourage you to look at the advantages of a Friday wedding. Fridays are generally less in demand so you will have more flexibility on dates. It may also be in your own self-interest to consider Fridays - especially if your guests have a long journey to get here.

If your guests live some distance away, it will be more attractive to your guests if they can stay the night before your wedding day. If they leave work early on the Thursday, even those several hours away can at least get here by around 10pm in most cases, have a drink at the bar and settle into their rooms. For those arriving a little earlier the night before, you can have a relaxing pre-wedding meal and enjoy a social get-together informally.

This way your wedding guests do not have to travel so far on the wedding day. You can then consider an earlier wedding ceremony, as you won't have to allow for some guests taking their time getting here in the morning. This in turn gives you more time for photos in the afternoon, plus you can start your wedding breakfast a bit earlier, and have a more relaxed, unhurried wedding day.

You will be able to get everyone in to the same en-suite rooms they are staying in on the wedding night, if you have a Friday wedding, as there is very low occupancy on Thursdays. But for a Saturday wedding, you will find all the en-suites are taken by the wedding on the Friday, so guests of yours who wish to stay the night before will either not be able to do so - or if we've any space at all, they will likely need to go in the budget Nurses Block and then have to move to their en-suites the next day.

Also if you have a Friday wedding, any guests arriving early on the Friday morning will most likely be able to get early book-in, as their rooms will not have been occupied on the Thurday night. On a Saturday wedding your guests will not be able to book in early because we will still be cleaning the rooms from the Friday night guests.

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