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Craig y Nos Castle Front Courtyard 17

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Wedding Tips: The Guest List

There will be two lists: 1) Day List and 2) Evening List.

Or you may even start off with four: His List (1) Day & (2) Eve,  Her List (3) Day & (4) Eve, before you amalgamate the four into two.

Under SWOD you need to have 50 guests staying overnight. In our experience evening guests are less likely to attend the wedding. This is because we are some distance to travel to - unlike if you got married in a wedding venue in a town local to where your evening guests live. When you are marrying in a 'destination wedding venue' such as the Castle, you should shelve the idea of having a separate day guest list and an evening list of extras.

It is better to invite everyone you truly want to your wedding, for the whole day. This way attendance will be higher and those invited for the whole day will be more likely to stay overnight, filling your rooms under the SWOD deal.

Thus you should end up with one list, having moved those you DO want to the wedding from the Evening List to the Day List, and edited out a few whom you are not so keen on having for the whole day.

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