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Craig y Nos Castle Front Courtyard 11

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Wedding Tips: A Destination Wedding Venue

If you're worried about having to invite large amounts of family members, choose to have a more intimate wedding at a destination wedding venue. Choosing somewhere that is a 'destination' in its own right, somewhere significant to travel to, will help you bring down the guest list to only your nearest and dearest.

You may still have 50 - 80 people or more to your wedding, but they will be those willing to make the effort and worth inviting.

Craig y Nos Castle is known as a Destination Wedding Venue. It is not near a town, and guests are expected and encouraged to stay overnight, which they will want to do as we are out in the country and likely to be some distance from where most of your wedding guests live.

With the Castle Venue, your wedding guests will either want to come for the whole day or not at all. You will find 'evening only' guests will be less likely to attend on account of the travelling distance, so you should invite everyone to the Castle for the whole day and not bother with 'evening only' guests.

The alternative is to keep your wedding local, convenient to get to, in your home town, possibly in a cheaper style of venue, but with more guests and a bigger evening do relative to the day do.

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