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Craig y Nos Castle Front Courtyard 09

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Wedding Tips: Wedding venue restrictions

Does the venue impose limitations that could negatively affect your plans? Some stipulate no loud music after a certain time, others don’t like confetti or candles, and certain (usually historic) venues forbid high-heeled shoes for fear of their flooring being damaged.

Craig y Nos Castle does not allow confetti to be thrown outside the building as it blows around and cannot be swept up easily. We've found rain falling on confetti on the tarmac of the car park causes the little pieces of confetti to glue themselves to the tarmac, requiring a wire brush to individually remove the bits of confetti a bit at a time. Confetti throwing INSIDE is permitted as it can be easily vacuumed up.

Candles are permitted but where you are using our Candelabra (provided free under the Special Wedding Offer Deal) we ask that you use non-drip candles as the wax is difficult to get off once it is on the candelabra.

We have no restrictions on high heeled shoes as the floor in the music room (the dance floor area) is very old and hard. The newer oak flooring in the corridors and bar and the first half of the function room (the seated area) is softer and so we do not have dancing on the newly laid oak flooring. The Conservatory is tiled and we recommend high heeled shoes are removed for dancing, as high heeled shoes are not ideal for the Conservatory floor.

As we have no neighbours, there is no issue with loud music and no time limit on the bands or DJ. We do encourage weddings to have their evening event in the main function room, as the Conservatory is too near the guest accommodation and the noise will disturb other residents. You can make as much noise as you like in the main function room and no one will hear it outside the building.

Since you will have the castle exclusive for your wedding under the Special Wedding Offer Deal, there should be no other guests present, so you will only be disturbing your own guests!

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