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Conservatory Wedding Breakfast Room 66

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Wedding Tips: 66 - Conservatory Night Disco

In this picture we see a band setting up in the far corner. The Conservatory is not normally used for evening entertainment as most Couples prefer to move through to the function room for the evening wedding party. However in this example the Conservatory has been cleared of guests, tables turned around, and is being readied for the evening do.

A disadvantage of using the Conservatory for the evening do is that as all the bedrooms are above it, and behind the conservatory, the noise from any party disturbs any of your guests who want to retire early.

An advantage of using the Conservatory is that, at night, with candles on the tables, and the table lamps and floor lighting on, you get some wonderful reflections against the windows, which, after dark, act like a huge wall of mirrors.

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