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Conservatory Wedding Breakfast Room 62

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Wedding Tips: The Job Interview

How many couples interview their partner?  Unheard of?  Surely that's only for job applicants! Yet some writers have described becoming a wife as starting a new job or 'career'.

Indeed becoming a housewife is, if this is what you intend and are happy with, a new direction in life. How do you feel about giving up a work job or your own career? It could well be a permanent 'job change'.

So if you were to conduct an interview, what might you ask your partner about?

1) Children - yes or no. When? How many?  Who will be primarily responsible for child rearing?  What sort of education/ school?
2) Finances and money. Any existing debt?  Spending habits?  
3) Family - history of any serious troubles; drug abuse; alcoholism; genetic problems; weird relatives,
4) General future expectations - where to live, house or flat, city or country,
5) Two careers or one, retirement plans
6) Day to day routines and sports, hobbies and interests etc.
7) Habits, day to day living style, tidiness/ untidiness, home builder or not bothered?  
8) Belief systems and moral priorities/ honesty level.
9) Politics and religious beliefs and general attitudes etc?
10) What activities do you already like sharing? What activities do you not wish to share? Mutuality of interests?

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