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Conservatory Wedding Breakfast Room 25

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Wedding Tip: Have a To Do List

Stay organised. Have a To Do List. Get things done in plenty of time according to the Wedding Planner scheduler. Understand what happens when and what you need to get done in a timely fashion as one thing follows on from another and may depend on something else being done first.

Candelabra Stocks as of Feb 2019

  • Large silver type 1 we have 4
  • Large silver type 2 we have 4
  • Large silver type 3 we have 2

With roughly 90 guests you might have between 9 to 10 round tables and then a top table (long).

We do have 9 small all-matching silver candelabras. An option would be smaller candelabra on the Rounds and larger Candelabra on the head table. You supply your own non-drip candles, or we can supply them (see tariff).

We also have gold candelabra which are supplied with battery operated candles. We do not allow any wax burning candles in these, to keep them in good condition. There are 15 matching gold candelabra. They are Type 3; dimensions are – 51.5cm in height and 36cm wide.

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