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Conservatory Wedding Breakfast Room 12

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Wedding Tips: Hire a Marquee or a Wedding Venue?

If you have access to spacious gardens or other outdoor space, a marquee at your home could be worth considering. However many people are surprised at how pricey it can be to hire a marquee for their wedding. Easily £1,000 for a decent sized marquee with hard wood floor and then you have all the seating, table cloths, napkins and tables on top. Before you know it you could be spending upwards of £2,000, making the option of hiring a venue much less costly than hiring a marquee.

In the Conservatory at Craig y Nos, the canopied roof makes the room a cross between a Marquee and a proper Conservatory - and unlike a Marquee, you have solid clear glass windows you can see out of, with panoramic views to boot. So if you were thinking of a marquee wedding, you get the best of both worlds with the Conservatory - and as the wedding venue is free if you have over 50 guests staying, you save money over hiring a Marquee!

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