Conservatory Wedding Breakfast Room 08 - Weddings in Wales at Craig y Nos Castle

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Conservatory Wedding Breakfast Room 08

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You need to book a viewing on the form below to join the Privilege List, so we know that you are still seriously interested, having seen the castle.

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Cost per head by date range:

  • Last Minute Package for 'Peak Wedding Season' in 2020 (May to Sept), is £50/day guest

  • 'Mid Wedding Season' (April 2020 and Oct, Nov Dec 2020) are £45 /day guest and

  • For 1st Qtr 2021 Last Minute Weddings will be at £40 /day guest on Fridays, Sundays and weekdays and £45/day guest on Saturdays.

Release dates:

July 2020 releases for sale on 01/01/2020. Join Privileged List for first refusal on any July 2020 dates.

Jan 2021 releases for sale in 01/01/2020. Join Privileged List for first refusal on any Jan 2021 dates.

If you have a specific date in mind that is currently showing as available here you can list the date as your 'preferred wedding date' on the form above. Please only list Preferred Wedding Dates that you can see are not already booked.

When you join the Privilege List, you get first refusal on dates soon to be released for the Last Minute Wedding Package, provided no Couple books a regular wedding package before then - read more here.

Wedding Tips: Use paper

Paper is a great way to decorate your wedding venue. Not only is it cheap, but it's incredibly versatile. DIY with bunting, pompoms, and streamers.

See our 2020 wedding availability here

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