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Castle Wedding Ceremony in Wales Theatre Entrance 03

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Wedding Tips: Best Friends

Only choose in marriage a man whom you would choose as a friend if he were a woman.  ~Joseph Joubert

Judith Calver

Come walk with me, my love,
Along the paths of life.
And keep up by my side, my love,
As we walk the paths of life.

Stop for a while with me, my love,
The path is growing steep.
We’ll sit by the pool of life, my love,
Where the waters are so deep.

We’ll follow the stream of life from whence it flows
And seek its very source.
Follow the stream of life, my love,
We’ll follow the stream of life.

Come climb these rocks with me, my love,
And help me along the way.
And together we’ll reach the top, my love,
We’ll stand at the very top.

Look down on the world with me, my love,
Look down on this world of ours.
We walked through life together, my love,
Together we passed the hours.

And we’ll continue walking onwards
Through life’s more peaceful paths.

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