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Chair Moving / Swapping of Chairs
from and to Theatre Ceremony Room:

Chair Moving - Why this is discouraged:

We discourage chair swapping from room to room due to issues with the stairs, and the heightened risk of personal injury insurance claims resulting from people tripping over, carrying stacks of chairs. A premium of £2.50 per chair moved / swapped is charged for this service.

The current and permanent arrangement of chairs is

1. Silver with blue seats in Theatre
2. Gold with red seats in Conservatory and Function Room

Some Couples like the Blue and Silver chairs uncovered, for their own colour scheme. This is fine in the theatre. But if you want Blue and Silver chairs in the Conservatory, or red and gold ones in the Theatre, this means swapping chairs to and fro twice.

First, all the chairs get taken out of one room and piled into stacks. This chips the paint and causes damage over time. Then the stacks are moved to from the Conservatory to the theatre, and the ones in the theatre are moved to the Conservatory. The two rooms are at opposite ends of the castle so involves a lot of walking up and down, carrying them.

In winter or on wet days they would need to be carried internally to avoid them getting spotted with the rain. There are three sets of steps between the Conservatory and Theatre. There is a risk of people falling up or down the steps. So we prefer this task is done by the maintenance team. The maintenance team are normally on reduced staffing at weekends and will not come in especially, for an hour's work so may need rota'ing on for a half day at least. It can end up that we use all available resources to move the chairs, including waitresses and planners not really physically able to move lots of furniture.

Secondly, the whole process needs repeating in reverse, to get everything back into place for the next wedding. This can mean a bit of a rush, as we need the Ceremony room and Conservatory prepared for the next days Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast. Normally the Bride on their wedding day will want to get chairs and tables decorated first thing in the morning, or ideally the night before once the Conservatory is vacated. This presents a logistical problem and can innvolve a number of people moving 140 or so chairs in the early hours, to fit the moving of chairs between the two events.

For this reason a premium is charged for moving chairs, as we now discourage this.

Theatre Chairs:

The chairs in the theatre are currently kept uncovered (2019). We are seeing a gradual change in fashion towards Wedding Ceremonies having chairs without the covers but you can add covers if you wish.

Please note the following Policy on Chairs/ Chair Moving.

1. You can choose to have white covers for an extra £1.50 a chair, with bows.

2. We can remove chairs that you do not want in the theatre, and store them on the Stage behind the Curtain, to match the chairs in the auditorium more closely to the number of guests at your Wedding Ceremony. This means you do not have too many chairs in the room relative to your guest numbers. There is no charge for this.

3. We need advance notice of your guest numbers if you require us to match the number of chairs in the ceremony room to the number of guests attending your wedding ceremony.

4. If any of the above is required, please ensure this is added to your ‘Running Order’ / Wedding Day schedule.

5. With no chaircovers, you have silver chairs with blue seats in theatre.  

6. The theatre no longer has the gold chairs with red seats. The chairs are silver painted with blue seat covers. Note in the main picture on this page the chairs are blue seated but with gold paint - confusing I know!  The correct chairs are shown at the bottom of this page.

7. However, photos from earlier times still show the red seated gold chairs and some brides may prefer these. To bring in the red chairs involves moving them all from the function room and / or Conservatory!

8. There is a charge for moving chairs from the function room (and then back again) – which is required if you want the red seated and gold painted chairs at your Ceremony. We charge a fee for moving chairs from the theatre to any other room and back again at a rate of £2.50 a chair, or a minimum £100, whichever is the greater.

9. This chair moving fee is levied for a number of reasons;

A) the steps leading from theatre to function room are awkward for the girls to manage, while when the auditorium floor is raked, the route is somewhat hazardous for the girls, so for Health & Safety reasons we prefer to have our Maintenance team do this work.

(B) The chairs have to be stacked to be moved and carried, causing gradual erosion of the paint, increasing maintenance costs.

(C) In view of (A) above, we have to rota on maintenance staff to move the chairs for the girls, which increases our wages spend by the appropriate overtime / daily rate.

10. As we need to swap the chairs around between the Function room (which has the red & gold chairs) and the Theatre (which has the blue and silver chairs), this means the function room or a good part of it may be out of use temporarily, while the theatre chairs are stacked in there.

11. We will need to move the red chairs from function room before the Ceremony but after breakfast service has been completed in the function room.

12. As chair swapping cannot be done until after morning breakfast service is finished and cleared away, this means you cannot decorate your theatre chairs until around 11.30 am, once the required number of red seated gold chairs have been moved from the function room.

13. We cannot start moving chairs to and from the function room until after breakfast has been cleared away from the tables and the last of the breakfast guests have left the function room.

14. For £2.50/ chair or a £100 minimum fee, we can rota the maintenance team to move the blue chairs to the function room and red chairs to theatre and then we will move them all back again after the Ceremony in time for the evening function.

15. You cannot use the function room while the theatre chairs are in there unless we also uncover them.

16. If you decide to have the existing blue seated / silver chairs, or white covered chairs, there is no charge for either as there is no moving of chairs from one room to another.

17. However, when more significant logistics, time and physical effort is required to move furniture around from one room to another, this is a chargeable service which will need adding to your wedding account.

18. Any moving of furniture from existing layouts will need planning into the Wedding Schedule and Running Order and an appropriate charge added to your account.

19. Moving any furniture around the castle while guests are milling around may cause some inconvenience especially during a large wedding.

20. We will need to plan any furniture moving far enough ahead to rota in Maintenance staff to work.

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