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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Function Room 25

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Wedding Tips: Pianist Plays during Wedding Breakfast

It is possible to hire a small electronic piano and pianist, as opposed to transporting a large and unwieldy grand piano. Have your pianist play during the Wedding Breakfast in the Conservatory.

Our Conservatory floor has sockets so electronic pianos can be plugged in, in different locations around the room, to fit your seating plan. If you are using the Function Room, then the Music room (above) would make a good location for your piano.

The best place I have seen the Pianist during a wedding breakfast is with her back to the Conservatory windows, as this is a natural direction your guests will look to, on account of the scenery outside.

You would not bother with a pianist in the evening as by then your guests will have had a few drinks and be chatting so loudly to each other they wouldn't hear the pianist anyway. A pianist suits the slower calmer tempo of the Wedding Breakfast, not the dancing and DJ or Band in the louder evening party.

Details on Pianists here.

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