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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Function Room 15

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Wedding Tips: Chair Covers

Should you cover the chairs or not? Should you cover chairs in both the Theatre Ceremony room and the Conservatory Reception room, or the Conservatory only?

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue has 130 red seated Cheltenham Gilt chairs which are used in the Conservatory, and 250 Blue seated Cheltenham Gilt chairs distributed between the function room and theatre. In photographs, the Cheltenham Gilt chairs look fine. The red seated chairs will suit a red or burgundy colour theme, though the seats will not be visible once guests are seated!

You might decide not to bother with chair covers. The cost can be around £2.00 to £3.00 a chair. Yet about half of our weddings do go the extra mile on some fabulous chair cover displays. There is less need to bother with the theatre, but certainly using chair covers in our Conservatory allows you to tie in with your own colour scheme, using different coloured bows to match yuor wedding coupes. The chair covers themselves will tend always to be white, with the bows providing the different colours.

For some examples and suppliers of chair covers see here. We have two suppliers - one at the quality end with a fabulous selection, and one at the 'budget' end, using cheaper chair cover material but at a lower rate per chair. The pricing however may be negotiable and is at least partly dependent on labour putting the covers on and laundering rather than just the cost of the material used.

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