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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Function Room 14

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Wedding Tips: Balloons for Evening Do

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue has two function rooms that you can use - the Conservatory by day and the Function Room by evening. While balloons are not really appropriate for the day do, the Wedding Breakfast room, they will work very well for the Evening do.

Initially your guests will arrive, attend the ceremony, and visit the bar and function room area during the two hour interval between the Wedding Ceremony and the Wedding Breakfast.

Your guests will not be able to enter the Wedding Breakfast room because you will have had this sealed off. You want this room to be a surpsie in its own right when you open the doors.

During this interval you will be having your wedding photographs taken either outside in the courtyard and grounds or inside the castle depending on the weather, so you and your guests will be milling around the other rooms.

This means your guests will have seen the function room looking nothing special, earlier in the day.

Now imagine their reaction if, after the 'wow' factor when they enter the wedding breakfast room, the Conservatory, they later walk back through to the main bar and function room, to find it now decorated in your wedding colours, with a fabulous balloon display.

For a real wow factor in the evening, the function room decorated with balloon arches, balloon nets in the ceiling, and balloons on the tables, would look fantastic.

So consider hiring a balloon company to decorate the evening function room in your wedding colours. They can set the room up in the three hours you are all having your wedding breakfast. The trick is to let guests see the room undecorated before the evening do, then surprise them as you walk through again in the evening, just as you surprised them when they walked in to the wedding breakfast room. This idea just lets you give your guests another lovely surprise.

For more information see here for Balloon displays.

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