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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Function Room 08

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Wedding Tips: Your Wedding Invitations Wording

Invitations should be hand-written. Spell out the full names of the guest(s) invited; first, middle and surname. No nicknames or initials.

Children of 18 and over should receive their own individual invitations.

Use phrases such as, "request the pleasure of your company" and for RSVP cards, you request "the favour of a reply".

The RSVP card is sometimes not understood to be a request for a response. So make it clear that it is to be returned: "Please reply by (date)", or, "The Favour of a Reply by (date) is requested."

Include a Stamped Addressed Envelope for the RSVP to be returned in. You leave blank spaces for the Guest name(s) to be written on the card. After the space for the guest's name, have a couple of options the guest can tick; "Declines with regret" or, "Number of persons attending".

Asking for the 'number attending' instead of a simple, "Yes I'm coming" choice, alerts you to any extra guests or fewer guests compared to those invited in your original invitation.

For more essential tips on how to write wedding invitations and what to include with them, see Wedding Invitations here.

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